Life line(pulse) Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women


Introduction of Lifeline Tattoo Designs(or Pulse Tattoo Design)

This article of our catalog will allow you to see photos of lifeline tattoo designs(also called pulse tattoo designs), which are made by the best tattoo artists from all over the world and, in our opinion, can be a great idea for drawing your new tattoo. For those who, before getting a lifeline tattoo design on the body, want not only to get acquainted with the photos that are offered at the bottom of the page, but also to study all aspects of the topic in detail, we are ready to offer two more materials on the topic.

lifeline tattoo design

Lifeline tattoo design of @kushal_bane via Instagram

-The lifeline and Your Health

Lifeline tattoo designs represent a beating heart and vitality. You will encounter various pressures and difficulties in life, but these are not worth mentioning when compared with a healthy life. But now many people ignore the importance of health for work and other various things. Staying up late, eating indiscriminately, irregular work and rest, if things go on like this, maybe someday in the future, the ups and downs of the ECG will disappear and become a straight line. Being alive is the best thing in life, and health is our most precious wealth. And a lifeline tattoo design may play an essential role reminding you of that.

lifeline tattoo design

Lifeline tattoo design of @monys_tattoo_sanket via Instagram

The lifeline is tattooed to tell us the meaning of life and remind us of the importance of health at any time. lifeline tattoos are very simple, most of them are made in the form of lines, and this pattern can be tattooed on many parts of the body, such as the chest, collarbone, wrist, ankle, and even the side of the fingers. The pattern is simple and fresh, and can be very selective high. The lifeline tattoo pattern is also very suitable for couples tattoos, two beating hearts can be so dependent, it is a kind of heartbeat feeling. In addition, when doing lifeline tattoos, you can also add some other elements, such as a heart, or English words. However, since the pattern of the ECG itself is very simple, many patterns added later are best to be close to the small and fresh style.

People who are still staying up late and working overtime, a healthy body is the greatest wealth we have. Get an lifeline tattoo to remind yourself to cherish life at any time.

lifeline tattoo design

Lifeline tattoo design of @x_pandemink_x via Instagram

Something About the Lifeline Tattoo Designs

The pulse line drawing is able to reflect all the diversity and uniqueness of human life, with all its ups and downs, Stormy dynamics and measured calmness. It is the reflection of your rhythm of life and the desire to continue it at a given pace - to become the main motivation and theme for the lifeline tattoo design.

lifeline tattoo design

Lifeline tattoo design of @graveyard_tattoos via Instagram

A lifeline tattoo design with this pattern always speaks of boundless love, the desire to move forward and the triumph of life and love. Despite the simplicity and depth of the drawing, a lifeline tattoo design very often simply does not mean anything and is applied to visible parts of the body (wrist, hand) - like a simple bracelet, jewelry, an intricate line emphasizing the bend of the body. The drawing is very popular among athletes who pay great attention to their health, both physical and mental.

lifeline tattoo design

Lifeline tattoo design of @_carpy_zeph_ via Instagram

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Here you can find out for yourself the meaning of the lifeline tattoo design, you can see photos of interesting drawings, find out their history, interpretation and meaning. More examples of pictures here:

Interesting Facts About Lifeline Tattoo Designs(or Pulse Tattoo Design)

Each of us knows the stable combinations of the words “keep abreast”, “pulse of time”, “pulse of social life”. Why pulse?

Pulse is understood as rhythmic tremors of blood in the veins, and they are associated with contractions of the heart. By the rhythm of the pulse, they judge how effective the contraction of the heart muscle is, how the cardiovascular system works, what is the state of a person's health, and finally, at what pace his life proceeds. And life can be different: impetuous, stormy, ebullient, measured, quiet, calm. But in any case, a person is born for victories and achievements. And this is the best way to show the pulse tattoo design(lifeline tattoo design).

lifeline tattoo design

Lifeline tattoo design of @lucky_baba2212 via Instagram

The Meaning of the Lifeline Tattoo Designs

The "pulse" tattoo refers to such tattoos that can be called both male and female. The lifeline tattoo design has the following meaning: love for life, irrepressible thirst for life. This is its main meaning.

The lifeline tattoo design also symbolizes:

  • love in the broadest sense of the word;
  • the triumph of earthly life over death;
  • people's thirst for travel and adventure;
  • moving forward and striving for victories.

The pulse is a symbol of life, therefore, by applying a lifeline tattoo design, a person expresses his joy at the fact of being. Especially if he once almost lost this precious gift as a result of a serious illness or severe injury.

As a talisman, a symbol of self-control, the lifeline tattoo design is often applied by athletes and those who practice martial arts. And the "pulse" tattoo is a kind of reminder of adherence to the regime and the need to maintain the health of the body and spirit.

lifeline tattoo design

Lifeline tattoo design of via Instagram

Ideal Positions for Lifeline Tattoo Designs

Where do we most often feel the pulse? On the wrist, of course. Therefore, it is natural that this is the best place to get this tattoo. The place of lifeline tattoos, in addition, can be a leg, chest, neck.

lifeline tattoo design

Lifeline tattoo design of @amciax via Instagram


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Lifeline Tattoo Design Options

There are many options for a tattoo in the form of a pulse line. A tattoo with a calm zigzag that gradually turns into the rhythm of the heartbeat is preferable. In this version, the lifeline tattoo design personifies a stable, measured life and excellent health. In this case, additional elements may be present, for example, an image of a heart or an inscription. By depicting a heart, the owner of the lifeline tattoo design makes it clear that the rhythm of his life is set by the rhythm of his heartbeat.

lifeline tattoo design

Lifeline tattoo design of @ju__inker via Instagram

If a name is inscribed in the image of the pulse line, this means one thing: the exceptional significance of a person in the life of the owner of the lifeline tattoo design. Compositional drawings are preferred mainly by representatives of the better half of humanity.

Sometimes the picture depicts zigzags of the heartbeat all over the lifeline tattoo design. This can mean a return to the joys of life. In some cases, a zigzag tattoo ends with an alarming straight line, which is a reminder of the transience and fragility of earthly existence and the need to preserve this life once.

lifeline tattoo design

Lifeline tattoo design of @lucky_baba2212 via Instagram

Sometimes the lifeline tattoo design is complemented by the image of musical symbols: notes or a treble clef, which speaks of an optimistic, joyful perception of being the owner of this drawing.

The lifeline tattoo design is applied at different periods of life and for different reasons. It can be of an aesthetic nature, or it can contain a semantic load.

If such a lifeline tattoo design is done with an understanding of the matter, it will indicate that a person knows the value of life and strives only forward, only towards new life achievements and achievements.

lifeline tattoo design

Lifeline tattoo design of @white.rabbit.tattoostudio via Instagram