12 Best Manta Ray and Penguin Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020


Know About It Before Getting a Manta Ray Tattoo

The marine world never ceases to amaze us with the creatures that live there. There are a large number of animals which have magnificent characteristics. And one of the most fascinating of them is the stingray.

Rays are marine animals that are part of the class of fish and are close relatives of sharks. Fish has the largest brains and, oddly enough. Their skeleton is not made of ridges but of pure cartilage.

Stingrays are creatures that have won the affection of many cultures of the Pacific Ocean, who have made them true icons.

 manta ray tattoo

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The Meaning of Manta Ray in Different Cultures

Many cultures have adopted the stingrays as symbols of their traditions and beliefs for quite some time. And mainly, the Polynesian peoples. This is due to the abstract similarity of the movements and behaviors of this creature with the cultural ideals of their deities.

One culture that particularly sets her apart is the Maori culture, where stingrays are seen as pillars or totems that represent agility in hunting for food and the subtlety with which one moves in the sea.

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Different Types of Manta Ray Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

1.Tribal Manta Ray Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

This tribal manta ray tattoo is Polynesian inspired and is also a traditional tattoo.

 Tribal Manta Ray Tattoo

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2.Manta Ray Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women: Two Manta Rays

This kind of manta ray tattoo is consist of two mantas looking like hand in hand, and their bodies and nails make the entire design a circle. Besides, if you know something about Chinese culture of Yin and Yang, it kind of looks like that. This kind of manta ray tattoo can be considered as your couple tattoo.

 Manta Ray Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women: Two Manta Rays
Manta Ray Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women: Two Manta Rays

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3.Simple Fine Line Manta Ray Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

This kind of manta ray tattoo is perfect for a minimalist. Using the minimal pokes to get a tattoo like this doesn’t cost you much and you don’t have to bear much pain of tattooing.

Simple Fine Line Manta Ray Tattoo

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Symbolism of Manta Rays

Stingray tattoos are quite popular. They are more popular among women than men. Rays are intelligent creatures who have a great capacity for making beneficial decisions.

But they are also mysterious creatures who act with discretion and patience. If we follow this same enigmatic line, manta rays are animals that give a subtle and tender impression but whose defense mechanism is, in fact, one of the most dangerous in the marine world: their tail has a kind of harpoon to defend itself of their enemies. However, they prefer to avoid risks and confrontations. They represent an independent, valiant and powerful spirit.

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One of their best known qualities and the ease with which they adapt to a new environment. They therefore represent a good omen for new beginnings but also the power to move away from the negative things that come our way.

Stingray tattoos are a symbol of freedom, fluidity and independence and their designs vary greatly, as do the techniques used to represent them. Tribal designs are the most common, but recently pointillist, geometric designs and delicate watercolors have become increasingly popular.



Everyone has an animal present in a particular place in their heart. When it comes to animal tattoos, it is not only the tastes of the tattooed person that comes out, but also their personality. Find out the meaning of penguin tattoos.

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Penguins are sea birds that, although they cannot fly, are able to swim very smoothly.

This already says a lot about them, because in this way, they show that what you are on the outside does not define you in life, that a general idea cannot determine what you are. They are a symbol of change and adaptation. If we take into account the fact that the habitat of the majority of penguins is not the most welcoming place on earth, we realize that these animals are also a symbol of overcoming and of survival. A penguin tattoo also can represent this.

Penguins are very protective and caring animals towards their families. This is why it is not surprising that the penguin tattoos represent this love and this loyalty because, if there is something that characterizes them, it is that they choose a single partner for the rest of their lives.

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In recent years, penguin tattoos have also been associated with female empowerment, because male penguins take care of the eggs during the incubation period, while the females are responsible for foraging for food. This is something that is not found in other species of birds, where it is the female who is responsible for this task.

Different Types of Penguin Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

1.Japanese Origami Penguin Tattoo Design Idea for Girls/Women

This kind of penguin tattoo connects both origami art and tattoo art, which is suitable for people who love origami and penguins.

Japanese Origami Penguin Tattoo

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2.Semi-Realism Penguin Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

A baby penguin is really cute and is right for people who want to get a small or micro portrait tattoo. No one can say no to this little thing.

 Semi-Realism Penguin Tattoo

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Physical Characteristics of Penguins

These animals have very touching characteristics, whether it is their small size, their colors or their funny way of walking. This usually influences the design that is chosen for the penguin tattoos.

An example can be seen in some classic costumes for men, which are said to resemble penguins. This comparison is due to their classic color and their particular cut, very elegant.

There are several types of penguin tattoos and each of them differs from the others by specific characteristics, such as color or beak. The variety of possible designs is therefore very wide. Many people love minimalist designs and get tattoos that only represent silhouettes, while others may opt for colorful and warm work. Some people like the penguin to be the central image of the tattoo, while others prefer to give penguin tattoo designs more context. The possibilities are limitless.

 full color penguin tattoo

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