Matching Couple Tattoo Design Ideas to Express Your Love

Couple tattoos are adorable and very often they mean a lot. One of the most popular types of body art is the artwork of two connected words on the couple's hands. You can use your favorite phrase or a few words and tattoo them separately so that they come together when placed side by side.

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Anyone in a relationship is dying to tell the whole world how much she loves her partner. In the world of couples, there are many ways to share the love that both parties feel for each other. Some of the popular options are couple t-shirts, couple bracelets, couple necklaces, and couple charms. But what if they both desire something that will last forever? The answer is: a couple tattoo. Because a tattoo lasts a lifetime and will stay on your skin no matter what. If you want to imprint something permanent on your skin, the best option would be a symbol of your undying loyalty to your loved one. 

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Ideal Locations of Matching Couple Tattoos

Couples tattoos can be a wonderful option. This is exactly a type of tattoo made to be imprinted on the body, like normal body designs, but the difference is that a couple tattoo tends to be incomplete. Much like the matching artwork, couple tattoos will either be incomplete or show only one character - female or male, obviously. Your partner will wear the other half of the couple tattoo so that the drawing will be complete when you are reunited.

The placement of the designs will depend on where the couple want them tattooed, as well as the type of matching couple tattoos they are considering. Smaller designs are usually placed on smaller areas because they don't contain a lot of detail. What is extraordinary about these couple tattoos is that they require a lot of commitment, since they are permanent. This is why couples who decide to get matching couple tattoos should always stay loyal and be totally determined to stay together forever.

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Meaning of Couple Tattoo Designs

Some couples tend to have a matching couple tattoo of a tribute to their partner on a highly visible part of the body. Anyone can say "I also can do that" but it takes a lot of courage to engrave this permanent testimony of love. Getting matching piece tattooed on you, especially for a couple, means that you are absolutely sure that you have found the right person for you. Nothing means "forever" as well as a good tattoo. Whether you want to get a tattoo or not, it's impossible to deny that couple tattoos are a charming gesture.

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Couple tattoos have no other intention than to show the pure affection of one person for another. They are also used as a symbol of wholeness and unity between two persons. Some of these couple tattoos are a commitment: the two lovers promise to stay together and support each other through difficult times. Other couples decide to get matching tattoos after getting married, to represent their lifelong union.

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1. Connecting Couple Tattoo Design Idea

Connecting tattoos are artworks that are cut into two pieces of one design. The two parts can be either on two parts of the body, or even on two different people. These couple tattoos can have a humorous or artistic purpose. They symbolize a person's ambivalence, connection to others and complexity. This kind of tattoos are usually located on symmetrical limbs such as the forearms, feet, legs, or hands. However, some artists working with optical effects have successfully used their entire bodies to show their emotions. A matching connecting couple tattoo can be a risky decision to commit to a particular relationship such as family, friendship, or even more dangerous, romance.

matching connecting couple lion and lioness tattoo

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2. Matching Animal Couple Tattoo Design Idea

Animal couple tattoos are suitable for cute couples. If the two people like dogs, they can be tattooed with a dog pattern, or if two people have a common pet, the portrait of it can be tattooed. Maybe you also consider matching owl couple tattoos, matching couple panda tattoos, and even matching couple penguin tattoos. Animals are becoming more and more important in the minds of modern people. Many people treat pets as their family members. 

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3. Matching Heart Couple Tattoo Design Idea

Heart tattoos are often chosen by couples who desire matching couple tattoos. These tattoos have often been the favorite of many people, and generally speaking, they are often related to the symbol of the heart, whether it is an old school heart, a realistic heart, an anatomical heart, a heart which represents love or the Sacred Heart. Matching heart couple tattoos can have a lot of meanings. The heart is a symbol of love, assistance and kindness. A splashed heart symbol can represent a heart filled with love. It is also the true center of the human soul.

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matching couple heart tattoo

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4. Matching Roman Numeral Couple Tattoo Design Idea

Roman numeral tattoos have become very popular. Many celebrities in the music and sports world have adopted them. But everything that exists comes from a certain world and has a specific origin. Many people feel that these Roman numeral couple tattoos convey some sort of prestige, but they appeared centuries ago during the Roman Empire, and were used as a punishment. The Romans used them to mark their slaves and other criminals who had committed barbaric acts.

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Preparation Tips Before Getting Your Couple Tattoos

Preparing your skin before tattooing is very important and can make a big difference when it comes to healing. If your skin received sunburn or was damaged before the session, your appointment must be rescheduled, otherwise the result could be permanently compromised. Avoid getting a couple tattoo on scratched, red, cut, scabbed or rash or even severe acne.

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After getting a matching couple tattoo, you will need to stay away from the sun for a while. If you get sunburned or your skin turns very red, you could be in trouble. The redness is caused by the blood moving near the surface of the skin. When you try to tattoo on reddened skin, the damaged dermis gets injured even more. Blood can also dilute the ink when the artist tries to put it under your skin. This will cause discoloration of certain areas of the design and possibly cause bleeding during the entire tattooing process, which could greatly compromise the final result. The couple tattoo will not look as good as it usually does.

Apply sunscreen for several days to the area you think you will get a couple tattoo. Getting a tan is great, but it's not the healthiest thing, nor is it great for body art. Cuts, scrapes, and acne should also be avoided because of scarring and possible patchy healing. Try to resolve these issues as much as possible. Moisturize the skin a few days before the appointment.

Of course, if you are not ready for a permanent couple tattoo, you could try to get some inktells’ tattoo stickers which are long-lasting for about 15 days.


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