Best Monkey Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

Looking for some monkey tattoo design ideas? You’ve come to the right article! This is an article about monkey tattoo designs and some special meaning of them. You will get inspired after reading the following parts:

  • Introduction of Monkey Tattoo Designs
  • Meaning of Monkey Tattoos
  • Monkey Tattoo- Meaning in the World and Ancient Culture
  • The Meaning of Monkey Tattoos for Men
  • The Meaning of Monkey Tattoos for Women
  • The Meaning of the Monkey King Tattoos
  • Different Types Monkey Tattoo Design Ideas
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Introduction of Monkey Tattoo Designs

Apes are jovial, energetic, and playful little creatures who have strong ties to certain religious groups. A Buddhist legend says that before the Buddha ascended to heaven, he invited all the animals of the world to join him. Unfortunately, only eleven species would have answered the call. Buddha would have rewarded them by giving their names to the signs of the zodiac. Then it’s no surprise that someone will get a monkey tattoo design with his/her constellation of soul.

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A monkey was responsible for accompanying a monk carrying the holy teachings of the Buddha. The swift, mischievous and courageous spirit of the animal is said to have protected the monk from demons, helping him to spread the teachings of the Buddha to many corners of the world. This is why monkeys are seen as messengers of the gods and protectors.

Monkeys also represent repentance and salvation. In Buddhism, one of the first steps on the path to enlightenment is to calm our ever-moving " monkey mind " through meditation. Therefore, some prisoners may poke a monkey tattoo design after they are released.

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Meaning of Monkey Tattoos

Monkey tattoo designs come in all colors and sizes. Throughout human history, these adorable creatures have represented:

  • Intelligence and playfulness
  • Protection
  • Fertility
  • Harmony
  • Justice
  • Spirituality

The monkey, as a symbol, in the East had a higher status than in the West. The most contradictory meanings were put into the image of the animal, this is explained by the similarity with humans, the comparison of the behavior of humans and anthropoids. In modern culture, a monkey tattoo stands for mischief, good health, dexterity and cunning.

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Zentangle Cuttlefish Animal

Rhinoceros Beetle Animal Insect Skull

Geometric Tribal Animal


Monkey Tattoo- Meaning in the World and Ancient Culture

-The Meaning of Monkey Tattoos in Egypt

In ancient Egypt, monkeys were treated with respect, considering animals capable of learning and understanding human speech. Baboons were brought in as tribute, and among the Nubian tribes, such an offering was one of the most valuable. People with monkey tattoo designs may be pursuing intelligence.

The Egyptians depicted in the form of a monkey the god of wisdom Thoth, who patronized scribes, creative people and writers of sacred texts. The symbol of the baboon god was revered as the source of the Chronicle, natural observations of monkeys proved that they empty their bladder 24 times a day - like a real "water clock".

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-The Meaning of Monkey Tattoos in Tibet and China

In Tibet and China, monkeys were considered the progenitors of the human race. In mythology, there was a legend about the "sacred monkey" who took pity on the "giantess" who later gave birth to the first six people. The desire of animals to mimic people was reflected in the culture of China, where monkeys symbolized optimism, resourcefulness, diplomacy and a penchant for adventure. And you can find that some people with monkey tattoos tend to be more active.

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-The Meaning of Monkey Tattoos in Japan

For the Japanese, monkey toys were a kind of children's talismans, protecting from unkind looks, unfortunate accidents. Initially, three figurines of mystical animals with closed eyes, ears and mouth conveyed the meaning of the phrase: "I do not see evil, I do not hear evil, I am not talking about evil." The symbol of a conscious rejection of bad deeds was associated with caution and wisdom. And this kind of monkey tattoo designs are popular among Japanese.

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-The Meaning of Monkey Tattoos in Mexico

The Mexicans depicted the monkey as the god of dancing and games. People born under the sign of an animal were considered capable of joking fun, singing beautifully and making others laugh. Among the monkey qualities, the Maya distinguished coarse feelings, barbaric vices - laziness, stupidity, lust. In terms of this, a Mexican may not like a monkey tattoo that much.

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Deer Animal& Woman Portrait

Bloody Animal Skull


The Meaning of Monkey Tattoos for Men

A monkey tattoo that adorns the male body, according to the Chinese, is a sign of a keen mind, good memory, and a sense of humor. The owners are distinguished by their ability to think soberly and rationally, to organize their time well. Such men know how to handle money frugally, do not give empty promises and never mess around.

Large colored monkey tattoo designs, consisting of only the head or muzzle of an animal, are often performed in a realistic style. At the same time, the eyes often express aggression, and a stern, repulsive gaze denotes a desire to have power, take a leadership position, and bathe in the rays of glory. In dealing with a person with such a monkey tattoo, you need to be careful, because in order to achieve his goals, he may not give a damn about generally accepted morality, use dishonest techniques.

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The Meaning of Monkey Tattoos for Women

Ease of communication, giggle, liveliness of character and flirtatiousness - these are the features that distinguish the girl with the image of a monkey on her body. It is typical for monkey tattoo owners to show cutesy coquetry, annoying curiosity and endlessly chat about everything.

For cunning and deceiving persons, a monkey tattoo is a symbol of an adventurous character. For these girls, it does not cost anything to mislead colleagues or acquaintances in order to become everyone's favorite, the leader of the team. Lies are not a sin, fans consider monkey resourcefulness and slyness.

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The Meaning of the Monkey King Tattoos 

In traditional Chinese culture, the Monkey King is one of the most recognizable and famous characters. The prototype of this brave and devoted hero was the Indian monkey god Hanuman. Monkey tattoo of the Monkey King denotes the worship of family values. For many, the image plays the role of a protective talisman that possesses supernatural powers, protecting the owner from numerous troubles.

A mythological character is often depicted in a cartoon style and a funny drawing adorns the body, as a sign of the wearer's loyalty and sincerity. Tattoos are chosen by connoisseurs of animated films and television series about the Monkey King. Choosing the monkey king as a monkey tattoo design may be a good idea too.

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Different Types Monkey Tattoo Design Ideas

-Monkey Tattoo Designs of Chimpanzee

With a genetic difference of only 3%, chimpanzees are our closest living relatives. This makes them the first and hapless subjects of incalculable controversial experiments. Chimpanzees hold a special place in our hearts and many people with monkey tattoo of the chimpanzee feel a deep connection with these magnificent animals.

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-Tribal Monkey Tattoo Design

The popular tribal motifs have Polynesian, North American (native tribes) and Haida influences. These magnificent designs are believed to represent the connection between apes and their image in many religions.

-Monkey Tattoo Designs of Greasemonkey

Greasemonkey tattoos are an expression of your curious nature and symbolize the inquisitive spirit of these animals. They represent your need to discover and explore.

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-Skull and Monkey Tattoo Designs

The image of a monkey looking at a skull sends a powerful message about human mortality. Skulls typically represent death and destruction, while a monkey symbolizes humanity in its entirety (given that we have a common ancestor). Skull and monkey tattoos speak to people who are trying to adjust to a drastic change in their lives.

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-Baby Monkey Tattoo Designs

Childhood of any species represents innocence and youth, which is why a baby monkey is no exception. People usually choose this monkey tattoo design to pay homage to a child or to commemorate their own childhood.

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