15 Best Mummy Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

Introduction of Mummy Tattoos

The tattoo designs that can drive body art fans crazy are amazing. Here, we invite you to discover mummy tattoo designs, with their very figurative designs: these mysterious creatures from the beyond have become a real trend. Today, they continue to conquer more and more amateurs, which gradually increases their popularity in the world of tattoos.

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To help you get to know this magical mummy tattoo design a little better, we have found some important information that will allow you to enrich your knowledge. Mummies are corpses of humans or animals that have undergone a mummification ritual. This technique involves applying chemicals to the organs and skin to preserve them forever. This practice was not only carried out in ancient Egypt. Various discoveries have shown that this custom was observed in several cultures around the world.

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Mummy Tattoo Designs and Art

Over the years, humans, seeking commercialization and profit and aided by creativity, art, entertainment and film, have converted mummies into figures of popular culture. We find them in movies, video games, cartoons and, of course, tattoos. Body art offers us a large number of drawings.

The art of tattoos brings together a lot of mummy tattoo designs, of different colors, sizes and dimensions, which show great creativity. It's often the boys who choose to proudly wear these creatures on all kinds of places on their bodies.

 Mummy Tattoo

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The Story of Mummy Tattoo Designs

In the early days of ancient Egypt, the corpses of kings or ministers were like to be preserved as mummies. They did not have a high level of medical science. Unlike ancient China, mummy-making even formed a trend in ancient Egypt. Why? In ancient Egypt, such a moving myth and legend circulated.


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-Story of Mummy Tattoo Design: Osiris and Seth

A long time ago, Osiris, the son of the earth god Seb, was very capable and was once the king (Pharaoh) of Egypt. He taught people to engage in agricultural production, such as farming, making bread, wine, and mining, which brought people happiness. Therefore, people worship him very much and regard him as the god of the Nile. People's lives are given by Osiris. He has a younger brother named Seth, who deliberately conspired to kill his brother and seize the throne.

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-Story of Mummy Tattoo Desgin: Murder

One day, Setter invited his brother to dinner and found many people to accompany him. During the meal, Seth pointed to a beautiful big box and said to everyone: "Whoever can lie in this box, give it to someone." Osiris, at the instigation of everyone, gave it a try before everyone's interview. But as soon as he lay in, Seth closed the box, locked it, and threw him into the Nile.

After Osiris was killed, his wife, Isis, the god of rain, searched everywhere and finally recovered the body. Unexpectedly, this matter was known to Seth. He stole the body again in the middle of the night, cut it into 48 pieces, and threw it in a different place. Isis found the fragments of Osiris's body from various places and buried them on the spot.

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-Story of Mummy Tattoo Desgin: The Birth of Mummy Osiris

Later, Osiris' posthumous son, Horace, was born. He has been brave since he was a child. After growing up, he defeated Seth, avenged his father, and inherited the throne on earth. He dug up the fragments of his father's body from various places and pieced them together to make a mummy "mummy". With the help of God, he resurrected his father.

The resurrection of Osiris is not a resurrection in the world, but a resurrection in the underworld. In another world, he was the master, responsible for the trial of the dead and protecting the pharaoh on earth.

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-Story of Mummy Tattoo Desgin: The Trick of Pharaoh

This mythical story began to spread among the people. Later, the Egyptian pharaoh heard about it and used it to deceive the people, saying that there is always God’s help, so he is a ruler alive, and a ruler after death. If anyone opposes Pharaoh, then he will be punished while he is alive, and he will not be able to pass Osiris's underworld trial after death.

Since then, every Egyptian pharaoh will perform the myth of Osiris after his death. The first step is to hold a corpse hunting ceremony. The second point is to hold a cleansing ceremony, that is, the autopsy is dissected, and the internal organs and bone marrow are taken out to make a mummy "mummy".

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-Story of Mummy Tattoo Design: The Method of Making Mummies

The specific method is to first immerse the corpse in an antiseptic solution to dissolve the grease and wash off the epidermis. After 70 days, the body was taken out to dry. Fill the cavity with spices and coat the outside with gum to prevent the dead body from contacting air and bacteria, and then wrap the dead body tightly with cloth. In this way, the long-lasting "mummy" was made. The third step is to recite the mantra, opening the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth of the "mummy", and stuffing food into its mouth. It is said that this way you can breathe, talk, and eat like a living person. The last is the burial ceremony, where the "mummies" are put into the sarcophagus and sent to the "eternal residence" they had run for themselves during their lifetime-the tomb.

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The Story Between the Mummy and Tattoo

Mummies, also called artificial corpses, were buried by the ancient Egyptians with antiseptic spices. It turns out that tattoos are not the aesthetics of people nowadays. There were people tattooing in ancient Egypt more than 3,000 years ago. Not only that, the tattoos are still exquisite designs.

The bioarchaeologist Anne Austin of Stanford University published an article in the journal Nature, stating that the researchers used infrared imaging technology to scan a female mummy who lived between 1300 and 1070 BC.

Researchers found that the woman had about 30 tattoos on her neck, shoulders, back, arms and buttocks. The mummy’s tattoos included lotus flowers, cows, baboons, and multiple pairs of "eyes of Horus."

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Mummy Tattoo Desgin: Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is the eye of Horus, the eagle-headed god, representing the blessing of the gods and the supreme sovereign. Austin wrote: "No matter where you look at her, you can see a pair of divine eyes staring at you."

Researchers speculate that this woman's tattoo is not a one-time literary creation, but a continuous accumulation, which may represent her religious status is increasing day by day. The tattoo may be to enhance her ability to "communicate" with the gods, or to represent her devotion to the gods.

This is not the first time that a scientist has discovered tattoos on Egyptian mummies, but the previously discovered tattoos are composed of simple dots. This is the first time that a beautiful tattoo with specific content has been discovered.

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Some Mummy Tattoo Designs

A design that characterizes mummy tattoos is the classic anatomical mummy, i.e. a corpse covered with strips of tissue. Another popular tattoo design is of a mummy with closed eyes; the realistic effect is so vivid that it can disturb the viewer and make him think that the mummy is going to open his eyes… a very creative drawing, right?

In our gallery of mummy tattoo designs, you can see mummies adorned with Egyptian motifs, such as the eye of Osiris or this mummy with transparent bands that allow you to guess its nose and mouth: it is a work of which the finish is magnificent, which allowed to arrive at an impressive result. You can also see the drawing of an angry mummy with a grotesque appearance breaking a chain of the jaw or the drawing of a mummy in fluorescent colors against a background of pyramids and sunset.

Dare to get a mummy tattoo that will make a big impression around you!

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