Best Music Tattoo Design Ideas for You Can’t Miss

Music is universal. Many people see it as an integral part of their life. Almost everyone loves music. Thanks to it, a person can transmit his emotions to others without having to speak. Some people know that music is the best way to express them. Music keeps you company when you're alone and makes you smile when you're feeling bluesy. If you don't know how to talk to someone else about how you feel, you can do it through music. It is also a great source of emotions and allows you to find inspiration in everything. There are so many kinds of music tattoo stickers on inktells’ online store, you can’t miss them.

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Sometimes, some people love music so much that they decide to have a music tattoo printed on their body, as a symbol of their love. Music is a very common theme in tattoo designs. It can be notes, symbols, lyrics or even a picture or the name of your favorite artist. Other people get their favorite instrument tattooed. A music tattoo is always a good idea for those who love music.

Music tattoos have their own meaning. As we mentioned to you before, music is one of the best ways to express yourself without having to say something out loud.

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Types of Music Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

1. Music Tattoo Design Idea of Bands or Singers for Men and Women

Everyone has a favorite band or singer. And some of a singer's (or band's) most ardent fans may even go so far as to acquire a permanent tattoo of anything associated with their favorite artists, the lyrics of a song, as we mentioned previously, the band logo or even the faces of the band members. They may also decide to tattoo a quote from the artist during an interview. Band tattoos are one of the many forms of devotion that a fan can show and done correctly, and can look good with this kind of music tattoo.

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2. Lyrics Music Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

Another quite popular choice within music tattoos are the snippets or lyrics of a song. Although lyric tattoos are put on the same footing as quote tattoos, it is always interesting to see the lyrics transformed into a more artistic representation. Some saying tattoos can be very simple, but others are combined with other symbols that could have even deeper meaning for the wearer. Perhaps these words have strongly influenced their life and they wish to commemorate it by getting this sort of music tattoo  in ink on their skin?

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3. Instrument Music Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

Music tattoos aren't just popular with music fans. Musicians themselves can get a music tattoo engraved. Guitars, and more specifically electric guitars, are the most commonly tattooed musical instruments. People who get a tattoo of a musical instrument probably play it themselves and want to take it with them everywhere. You can get any type of musical instrument tattooed on your body - keyboards, violins, mic accompanied by musical notes or even something a little less conventional like an accordion or bagpipe. Other people also choose to have a music tattoo of a person playing a musical instrument.

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4. Musical Note Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

For those who like all kinds of music - classical, jazz, hip-hop, lounge, etc. Getting a musical note tattoo can be the perfect idea. This kind of music tattoo can be any size you like and can be placed anywhere on your body. It is also one of the most common patterns of music tattoos. You can decide to tattoo just one note or print an entire staff. There are a large number of different musical notes and you are free to choose what type of note you want for your tattoo design: a treble clef, bass clef, quarter note, quarter note, eighth note, double hook, etc.

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Meaning of Music Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Music tattoos, and especially tattoos of musical notes accompanied by other notes and symbols that may resemble a score, inspire others to create ideas and can even be transposed into letters, because the notes of music can be represented by the letters A to G. But many people choose a music tattoo of musical notes because they are easier to recognize than the letters. Both music fanatics and musicians choose musical notes for their tattoo, to represent their passion and love for the music itself. However, other people may choose them just because it is a classic symbol that can be incorporated into other designs, like hearts.

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Often times, music tattoos hold a huge number of meanings, which always depend on the person wearing them and the artist who created them. But the meaning of tattoos connected to music is often the love that the person wearing the tattoo feels for this rich form of communication. You could even say it's a way of connecting with your own humanity and life at large. And, since many people love music, it is natural that they want to acquire music tattoos.

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Perfect Locations for Music Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Creating a good tattoo is not just about drawing. Sometimes the designs you tattoo on the body can look amazing too. Getting a music tattoo in the right place can make it fun or even poignant. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, you have probably already chosen the musical design you want and decided where you want to put it. The area where you poke your music tattoo can also matter.

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When it comes to music tattoos, the most popular places are often the wrists, the back of the ear, the foot or the ankle. Tattoos with larger designs are usually on the back, legs, ribs, arms or chest. Choosing the area of your body where you will put your tattoo can reveal a lot about your personality. Some people tattoo their musical designs in parts that no one can see or where it will be easy for them to cover them with clothes. This is understandable if you have a managerial job or a job that requires a certain amount of rigor. This is very important to take this into account, because body art and formal clothing don't necessarily go well together and can create a pretty weird look. Maybe you are afraid that you might regret about a permanent music tattoo, then why not come and have a look at inktells’ tattoo stickers that are easy to apply and can last for about 15 days. If you want to replace them, they can be easy to remove too.

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