Coolest Neck Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

The neck area is a very sensitive place, but it is also a very beautiful area where tattoos of all kinds can be added . There are tattoos that are a simple detail that is even hidden behind the ear, while others cover the neck completely. Each person can find their own special neck tattoo.

 colorful butterfly neck tattoo

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In this post we are going to see a few tattoos on the neck , since there are many ways to put them. In this area you can make wide tattoos but not too long. Some of them adapt perfectly to the shape of the neck and we must not forget that tattoos in this area are a growing trend.

 mickey mouse neck tattoo

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Large neck tattoo designs for men and women

We see these large tattoos that occupy the entire neck more and more, so it can be said that we are facing a trend. But a trend that fans of tattoos follow , since they are very visible and large. These are usually tattoos that men get, but there are many women who also dare with this idea. These tattoos can cover the entire neck, the front or the back. There are many who use animals such as the eagle or wings to visually surround this area. Without a doubt this type of tattoos are the most used.

 3D skull spider neck tattoo

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 skull butterfly neck tattoo

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 tribal line neck tattoo

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Tattoo designs with small details for men and women

Although large tattoos that stand out in the neck area are carried, it is also possible to find small tattoos that are details in this area. This is a great place for a tattoo because we won't see it constantly but it will stand out on a daily basis.

 ouroboros neck tattoo

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