The newest And The Best Triangle Meaningful Tattoo In 2020

What Is Triangle Meaningful Tattoo?

The Triangle meaningful tattoo is revered by lovers of clear transitions made from a geometric point of view of figures. Such a triangle meaningful tattoo can be chosen by a person who is trying to avoid an unnecessarily overloaded pattern with colors and shapes.

The figure, with some exceptions, is characterized by clear lines and contours. Jagged strokes, obvious flaws, and deliberately emphasized imperfections are worth looking for in Sketch and Handpoke tattoos. Within the framework of these styles, the sides of the triangles partially disappear, the edges are blurred, but still, the formed corners do not correspond to the laws of geometry. Violation of proportions is combined with paradoxically lying and disproportionate shadows. Chaos is also valid in the context of abstraction.

 triangle tattoo

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The Meaning Of The Triangle Meaningful Tattoo

The triangle meaningful tattoo, in the general sense, symbolizes a symbol of the trinity of the world and things: the interweaving of heaven with earth, the development and ambiguity of a person (father, mother, and child), the mysteries of the human body (bodily flesh, soul and spirit) and so on.

Depending on how it looks and where its top is facing, the following values ​​are distinguished:

  1. If the triangle has equal sides, then it becomes a symbol of completeness.
  2. The top, going up, carries strength, light, and life, as it rushes to the sky. It is often associated with the sun and masculinity. The best shade for this triangle is red.
  3. The top, going down, symbolizes the birth of a new life, detachment, and prudence. It is often associated with the moon and the feminine principle. The best shade of this triangle is white.

In addition to the above, subject to the direction of the top, it can personify the element:

  • The top is facing upwards - fire.
  • The top is facing down - water.
  • The truncated top is facing upward - air.
  • The truncated top is facing downwards - the earth.

Depending on the country, culture, geometry performed and images added, the value can vary greatly. Below are the most popular triangle meaningful  tattoos and their known meanings.

 triangle tattoo

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1. Triangle Meaningful Tattoo- Eye in a triangle

This symbol has existed for a very long time and means different things depending on the place and time. Example:

  • Ancient Egypt - Eye of Horus;
  • Ancient Greece - the eye of Jupiter;
  • India is the third eye of the Buddha.

And so on. For any country, in general, this symbol means an eye that sees everything. This meaning remains true today.

Religious meanings of the symbol:

  • In Christianity, it is a symbol of the Trinity, light and power.
  • In Buddhism, it denotes the highest spirit, light and wisdom.
  • In Islam - absolute enlightenment and high intelligence.
  • In other religions: pacification, balance and unity.

In addition to all of the above, this triangle meaningful tattoo acts as a very strong amulet that is able to protect against damage, the evil eye and the influence of evil spirits. It can serve as a pointer that will set the right direction on the path of life.

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2. Triangle Meaningful Tattoo- Two triangles in composition

Two correctly spaced triangles can form a double geometrical figure denoting a six-pointed star, the Seal of Solomon.

The semantic meaning of printing: elimination of contradiction, the onset of harmony, the unity of opposites, for example, the harmony of positive and negative in the world, male and female principles, and so on.

Triangle meaningful tattoo with two triangles, which touch the vertices, denote the Moon, its increase and decrease, symbolizing the eternal cycle - the change of death and life, mortification, and resurrection.

 triangle tattoo

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3. Triangle Meaningful Tattoo- Three triangles in composition

Triangle meaningful tattoo with three figures go back to the basic meaning of the triangle: trinity, the more powerful inviolability of three forces, or three persons. This composition of geometric shapes very well emphasizes masculine strength.

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4. Triangle Meaningful Tattoo- Tree in triangle

This version of the tattoo looks very elegant on the body and means enlightenment, as well as that a person is connected with life and something mystical - spirits, unusual creatures, all things. Such a symbol goes to the druids and gives preconditions for the existence of a portal to another world.

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5. Triangle Meaningful Tattoo- Inverted triangle

A very popular triangle meaningful tattoo option, which for a long time did not carry a deep meaning, but at the moment it can be associated with:

  • Contrasting the normal triangle, which means correct and rational thinking, the ability to concentrate. An inverted triangle can indicate a desire for chaos.
  • Not typical thinking, deviation from standards, general creativity.

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Triangle Meaningful Tattoo For Men

For men, such a tattoo carries different meanings and can emphasize the following advantages:

  • Physical and mental strength.
  • Wisdom and beauty.
  • Possession of secret knowledge.
  • Thinking outside the box.
  • Freedom from standards.
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Triangle Meaningful Tattoo For Women

For women, such a tattoo can have a different meaning, depending on the specifics of the drawing, and can emphasize the following advantages:

  • The dignity of a woman as a mother - the one who is able to give new life.
  • Discretion and Integrity.
  • Endless wisdom.
  • Unity with yourself.
  • Striving for the light.
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