13 Best Ouroboros Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

Introduction of Ouroboros Tattoos for Men and Women

Animal symbols have always been an important part of popular culture over the centuries and they have passed into the tattoo world because of their symbolic nature. A symbol that has toured the world of that of ouroboros, the famous snake biting its tail and forming a circle. If you love Greek mythology and want to wear a symbol that shows it, the ouroboros is perfect for you! This design is great on a part of the body where you can display it without fear. It differs from the typical animal tattoos.

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What Does Ouroboros Represent and Mean?

-Meaning of Ouroboros Tattoo: The History of Ouroboros

The symbol of ouroboros is a serpent forming a circle while biting its tail. Its origin dates back 3000 years. In ancient Egypt, there were references to ouroboros. They were found in the death room of the pyramid of Unis.

In ancient Greece, it was linked to the myth of Sisyphus, a character condemned to push a stone to the top of a mountain in the underworld. When the rock had reached the top, it fell again at the foot of the mountain and Sisyphus had to start his task over for eternity. This symbol represents a cycle that ends and starts again.

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The ancient alchemists also used the symbol of ouroboros to represent the search for eternity in such elements as the universal panacea or the philosopher's stone.

In Aztec mythology, the image of the ouroboros was also present, but under the figure of Quetzalcóatl, the feathered serpent venerated by the Mayas and the Aztecs.

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-Meaning of Ouroboros Tattoo: Platos Opinion

Plato described ouroboros as a self-swallowing ancestor of the universe. It is immortal and possesses a perfect biological structure.

Plato believes, "This creature does not have eyes, because there is nothing to wait and see in its periphery; it also has no ears, because there is nothing to listen to in the periphery; there is no breath, so it does not need to breathe. It does not have any organs, because there is nothing around it that will be sucked in or excreted by it, so there is no need for any digestion. When it is born, its excrement is arranged to become its food, the influence of its behavior is derived from these, and it is accepted from these.

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The creator conceived this self-sufficient creature, which is more complete than other creatures lacking everything. In addition, it does not need to take any defense against any object. The creator believes that there is no need to give any sacrifices to its hands. It has no hands or feet, and its whole is a means of movement. Although it has supreme heart and wisdom, its concept of movement is quite vague, because it only exists in the same position, so its trajectory is like a ball; but with its own limitations, it can only keep rotating in a circle."

Although the concept of the cosmic sphere mentioned by Plato only describes the outermost gas circle structure of a star, rather than a legendary snake-like creature, the literature does not directly mention the name "ouroboros", but this The circular infinity concept is the basic logic indicated by ouroboros.

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-Meaning of Ouroboros Tattoo: The Connection Between Ouroboros and Gnostic and Hamish Theosophy

On some occasions, ouroboros is depicted as half light and half dark, just like the pattern of yin and yang, symbolizing the bipolar concept of everything; more importantly, the two opposing forces, although they are incompatible, But at the same time it is not in a confrontational position. In the cosmological view of the circular structure interpreted by alchemy, ouroboros symbolizes the supremacy of works, which are both fusion and concealment of opposition. It is a clear and fuzzy concept of "perfection". Ouroboros is also often associated with Gnosticism and Hermish Theosophy.

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-Meaning of Ouroboros Tattoo: Ouroboros and Erich Neumann

Ouroboros represents "self-referencing" or "infinite loop", especially those things that can constantly self-proliferate, as well as cyclical and periodic self-development. A good example is the legendary phoenix, which is burning itself. Self-reproduction (or understood as "rebirth") in the process is just a manifestation of the concept of infinite loop. In addition, ouroboros also symbolizes the most primitive elements. The Jungian philosopher Erich Neumann once stated that the ouroboros is the actual symbol of the “Dawn State” of the “Pre-ego” stage, describing whether it is an adult or a child. There is a childish stage.

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-Meaning of Ouroboros Tattoo: Why the Ouroboros is Eating Its Tail

The pattern of ouroboros is intertwined with multiple meanings, and the most important symbolic meaning develops from the appearance of the symbol itself. The big snake in the symbol is biting and devouring its own tail. This is the spiritual embodiment of a cosmic cycle view: the reciprocation of construction and destruction, the alternation of life and death. From an ecological point of view, the big snake needs to eat its tail to survive, and its own tail brings infinite food to it. This is another cycle of eternal rebirth.

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How to Personalize These Ouroboros Tattoos?

As you may have seen, the image of ouroboros exists in different versions depending on the culture that uses it. Whether you love Greek or Egyptian culture, the ouroboros is an ideal tattoo that looks great on the body.

You can opt for an image of ouroboros in black ink on the back of the neck. But you can also choose other unusual areas, such as the ankle, palm of the hand, navel or stomach.

If you want your ouroboros symbol to shine in all its glory and be admired by all when you are on the beach, have it tattooed big on your back or your thigh.

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Different Types of Ouroboros Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

Ouroboros tattoos can be sticked on your arm, your thigh, around your neck or your ankle, and they also be chosen to poked on the knee or elbow. Let’s have a look at some ouroboros tattoos design.

1.Snake Ouroboros Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

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2.Dragon Ouroboros Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

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3.Skeleton Ouroboros Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

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4.Possum Ouroboros Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

 Possum Ouroboros Tattoo

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