Special Owl Tattoo Design Ideas You Would Like

The iconic image of the owl still fascinates people, because of the rich symbolism associated with this elegant bird. As it is a peculiar flying bird and a nocturnal monarch with large alert eyes and a deep hoot, the owl represents deep wisdom and is a wonderful design to get tattooed. The unfair negative connotations attached to this bird are due to the fact that the owl is a nocturnal creature, constantly occupied during the night.

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On the other hand, the positive connotations of this bird are due to its physical appearance and its large, bright and curious eyes. Owls are particularly sensitive and their eyes cannot tolerate daylight, but they are particularly effective at night, which is the realm of these birds. The final verdict regarding the merits of owl tattoos will depend on the wearer and individual cultural beliefs. Many owners of owl tattoos believe in magic and combine their body decorations as a mysterious source of strength that helps them cope with every turn of life. Whether it's real or psychologically, tattoos have helped a lot of people gain self-confidence. As deep and mysterious as its magic, the owl is associated with the night and the wisdom that radiates from the depths of the unknown, a realm in which the owl moves without problem. Owl tattoos are a common illustration of ancient books of magic. And you can get some of these artistically designed tattoo stickers in inktells’ online store.

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On a few rare occasions, people regard owls as a symbol of death. The term "angel of death" is sometimes used to refer to the owl, mainly because of its association with the night. While some cultures see it as a sign of imminent death, the majority of other cultures see the owl more clearly and brightly. These latter cultures believe that owls can move freely between life and the afterlife: they have the power to guide souls from one kingdom to another, a protective task appreciated by those who wear owl tattoos.

Ideal Areas for Owl Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

The correct location of the pattern will highlight the beautiful design of the owl. The owl tattoo figure has in itself rich elaborate details. And although its simple silhouette is easily recognizable and can be the subject of the design, many people still prefer to place more detail on their owl tattoo. The most popular depictions of this bird show it either in a static pose or in flight.

Where the tattoo will be, however, can determine the success of a owl tattoo design. Body art placed on the shoulders usually conveys a meaning of protection and vigilance. An owl tattoo on the lower back of the neck clearly mimics the real life style of the bird, as this location is often hidden during the day and shown at night. Consulting the tattoo artist to determine the ideal placement of the tattoo is crucial as there are many places that can be suitable for this owl design, such as the chest, back, feet and other particular areas in addition to the shoulders and bottom of the neck.

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Meaning of Owl Tattoos

The owl, as a symbol, has existed since the dawn of time. Archaeologists who have studied the Pyramid of Giza, an ancient Egyptian construction, have discovered remains of mummified owls. The mysterious nocturnal bird is also present in Egyptian hieroglyphics. The Mayan engravings present on the walls and statues of this culture contain magnificent silhouettes of owls. The owl's spiritual impact on many cultures and peoples is difficult to explain, but its effect on the collective psyche is undeniable.

In addition to the ancient Egyptians and Mayans, other ancient peoples such as Celts, Greeks, Romans, Hindus and Native Americans refer to the nocturnal bird in their myths. The owl tattoo was seen as the symbol of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, and the Greeks considered it a shrewd strategist, in view of her nocturnal hunting maneuvers. Owls are the protectors of a sacred past and are creatures present in many prophecies. They are beings who have crossed the barriers of time, East and West. People who wear owl tattoos pride themselves on seeing their bodies as witnesses to rich, ancient traditions.

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Types of Owl Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

This design communicates a message and should be both attractive and stylish for its owner to be proud to wear it. Owl tattoos are versatile: you can tattoo them in color or monochrome, posed or in flight. Tattoo designers can take their art to its maximum expression when asked to make owl designs. The most popular owl tattoo designs are:

1. Celtic Owl Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

This design includes the Celtic spiral and the knot and key patterns that are characteristic of ancient Celtic designs. And while this model drawing may represent a death threat, it can also symbolize the wisdom and intelligence associated with the bird. The personal views of the tattooed person will determine the meaning of this owl tattoo design.

Celtic Owl Tattoo on calf

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2. Tribal Owl Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

It's a popular option in the body art world, which refers to the indigenous cultures of the people of America. Owl tattoo designs are often designed in shades of turquoise, coral and dune, to create a model that is both spiritual and earthly. Members of these cultures see the owl as a sign of impending doom that may include death. This belief could be due to the bird's nightlife style. The bearer of the owl also considers owl tattoo design as a protection against his deepest fears.

Tribal Owl Tattoo on arm

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3. Fine Line Owl Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

This drawing produces a special effect on those who look at it: they remain fascinated by the white feathers of the immaculate creature. The incredible features of this bird give an air of dignity and elegance to the composition. The design therefore brilliantly fulfills the real purpose of tattooing, which is to let the viewer appreciate the beauty of the work and the presence of the mysterious virtues attributed to the owl.

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4. Hourglass and Owl Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

The origin of this drawing is rather vague but the fact that owl and time have always been associated can explain the presence of the hourglass. Some people use the silhouette of a baby owl to represent and magnify their love for their children. Their names can even be included in the drawing. And there are many kinds of owl tattoo stickers in inktells’ online store you would like, go have a look.

Hourglass and Owl Tattoo

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