12 Best Phoenix and Peacock Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020


The phoenix is a mythical bird that has different meanings in several cultures. This majestic colorful bird is arguably one of the most magnificent tattoo designs. It represents rebirth, immortality, grace and virtue. It is actually one of the oldest symbols in the world and as a tattoo it can be worn by both men and women. But let's take a look at some of the most important meanings of phoenix tattoo designs.

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Greek Mythology - History of the Phoenix

In Greek, the word phoenix means purple red, which shows that this bird is associated with fire. In its mythology, the phoenix is known as a fiery bird that is believed to live around 500 years.When it is on the verge of death, this bird builds a nest with aromatic twigs and sets fire to it. So it burns itself in the flames. Three days after his death, he rose from his ashes, literally resurrecting from them.People with phoenix tattoo designs shouldn't be afraid of death.

According to Egyptian legend, after its resurrection, the phoenix would carry the fragrant ashes of its previous existence to Heliopolis, the city of the sun. Once there, he would offer his ashes to the sun. In both Greek and Egyptian mythology, the phoenix is known for its gentle song and for the brilliance of its golden, red-orange and purple plumage. If you are seeking for brilliance, think of phoenix tattoo designs.

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Meanings of Phoenix Tattoo Designs Today

- Fire, rebirth and immortality

Phoenix tattoos represent renewal, rebirth and the start of a new life.

The rebirth of the phoenix tattoo design represents the fact of having gone through difficult times but of having survived, of having come back to life. This means that whoever wears the phoenix tattoo has risen from the ashes as the victor, overcoming all difficulties in life and conquering adversity.

This is why the phoenix tattoo design is a symbol of rebirth which also represents the victory of life over death and therefore, immortality.

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- Kindness, kindness, trust, duty and prosperity

- The phoenix tattoo deisng also represents all the virtues of the wearer. The reason is probably that when someone goes through difficult situations (symbolized by flames), they come out grown and better.

- In Chinese mythology, the phoenix tattoo design is associated with feminine virtues, such as grace and kindness.

- It is also said that each part of the bird represents a different virtue: the body would represent kindness, the wings prosperity and the head, the fact of being of confidence.

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The Phoenix in Different Cultures

- Phoenix Tattoos in Chinese Mythology

As we have just reported to you, the Chinese believe that the phoenix tattoo design represents virtue and grace, which is why only the Empress was allowed to wear her symbol. In Chinese mythology, this bird is therefore associated with the feminine side, while the dragon represents masculine energy. These two symbols put together represent the union of yin and yang. The Chinese phoenix has black, white, gray, red and yellow feathers, which are the primary colors corresponding to the five elements. If you are fond of Chinese culture, phoenix tattoo designs are fine for you.

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-Phoenix Tattoo Designs in Japanese Culture

Like the rising sun, the phoenix is one of the emblems of the Japanese Empire. It is called Ho-o (Ho-ou), which means the Immortal Bird. For the Japanese, the phoenix is therefore associated with immortality.

-Phoenix Tattoo Designs for First Christians

The early Christians viewed the phoenix as a symbol of resurrection - the fact that it takes three days for the phoenix to rise from its ashes after setting ablaze is similar to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

-Phoenix Tattoo Designs for Jewish Legends

According to Jewish legends, the phoenix is ​​the only creature that has not eaten the forbidden fruit. To defend himself from temptation, he would have been set ablaze and consumed before being reborn, three days later. In this sense, this mythical bird represents victory over temptations, as well as sacrifice and renewal.

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-Phoenix Tattoo Designs for Ancient Romans

The ancient Romans depicted the symbol of this bird on their coins to ensure the longevity of the Roman Empire.

-Phoenix Tattoo Designs for Egyptians

In ancient Egypt, the phoenix was considered the symbol of the sun god Ra.

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Peacock Tattoo Design Introduction

Native to India, the peacock has become a symbol of royalty, divinity and nobility in the traditions of this part of the world. The peacock throne was a coveted seat of power in the 1600s for the ruler of Persia, Shah Jahan, the man who built the incredible and magnificent monument of the Taj MahalPeacocks are also an integral part of many religions. So if you see your friend with a peacock tattoo design, you may ask him/her what it is about.


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Peacock Tattoos in Different Cultures

- Peacock Tattoos in Christianity, the white peacock is said to be a secret symbol of the Church and of Jesus Christ, and some artists of the Medieval and Renaissance times included this motif as an additional sign of the religious nature of their works.

Peacock Tattoos in Buddhism, the peacock is a symbol of openness and honesty. A peacock is not afraid to show its true being in mode, although this can make it vulnerable.

Peacock Tattoos for Hindus, Hindus regard the Peacock as an avatar of the goddess Lakshmi and a sign of prosperity and luck. The peacock is also a famous lover. Only males have this colorful plumage, which they display in their courtship displays to attract females.


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Story About Peacock Tattoos-1

These birds are also emblems of wisdom and knowledge. The eye patterns of the tail feathers were considered in ancient Greece as the "All-Seeing Eyes" and the bird was the symbol of the goddess Hera, queen of Olympus. Unfortunately, Hera was very jealous and vindictive and planned the destruction of any being she considered more beautiful than herself. People with peacock tattoo designs may pursue wisdom and beauty.

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During the Middle Ages, alchemists used the peacock in all the concoctions they prepared. The peacock and its feathers were symbols of renewal and healing. The bird was seen as the equivalent of the Phoenix rising from its ashes. This belief stemmed from the fact that peacocks are not affected by the large number of toxins they consume each day. In fact, it was not unusual to see works in which the peacock defeated a poisonous snake. This idea may be the source of the Christian belief that the peacock could protect from the Devil and his demons (snakes are symbols of evil and sin). Phoenix and peacock tattoo designs usually stands for reborning.


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Different Types of Peacock Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

1. White Peacock Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

The white peacock is a rare bird and as such is particularly revered as a religious symbol. White peacock tattoos represent many of the key concepts of Christianity such as spiritual renewal, purity and humility. The white peacock would have been a symbol of Jesus Christ. As such, a white peacock tattoo represents your deep Christian beliefs and engenders a sense of renewal and enlightenment.

White Peacock Tattoo

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2. Feather of Peacock Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

The plumage of the peacock represents much more than mere narcissism or vanity. Of course, a peacock with an open tail can represent a sign of inordinate pride, but feathers have also been symbols of renewal and healing for thousands of years. The peacock feather is an emblem of healing and is also considered a sign of immortality, due to the fact that the peacock is immune to many of the toxins from the plants it regularly ingests. In Greek culture, feathers represented knowledge and for Hindus, they are a sign of kindness and compassion.

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Meanings of Peacock Tattoos for Men and Women

The peacock tattoo design represents the following characteristics:

  • Glory
  • Vanity and Beauty
  • Spirituality
  • Renewal and spiritual rebirth
  • Immortality
  • Refinement
  • Purity (white peacock)


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