11 Best Phoenix Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020


Introduction Of Phoenix Tattoo Design

Phoenix, also known as "Phoenix Emperor", is the king of birds in ancient legends. The male is called "Phoenix" and the female is called "Phoenix". They are collectively called phoenix. It is often used to symbolize auspiciousness and the phoenix flying together. It is a symbol of auspiciousness and harmony. It has been an important element of Chinese culture since ancient times. There is a record of being captured by the emperor of the ‘Shang’ Dynasty in the oracle bone inscriptions.

So, as an artist, It allows you to let go of the reins of your imagination the most and light this phoenix tattoo which represents our most brilliant ideas.

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The Historical Origin Of Phoenix Tattoo Design

Early social productivity was low. People lived in a harsh natural environment. They were unable to independently control the forces of nature, nor could they explain their sources. They were full of illusions, visions, and even fears of the natural world, and worshiped various natural or supernatural forces that were stronger than humans. It is the social basis for the production of totems and ghosts. 

Bird totem worship is mostly related to sun worship. The well-known three-legged crow was originally the "sunbird in the sun" This double worship of the sun and birds has promoted the birth of an important image in Chinese culture-the phoenix. And this is the historical origin of the rising phoenix, so does the phoenix tattoo design.

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The Meaning Of Phoenix Tattoo Design

  1. The phoenix tattoo design is a symbol of "luxury, stalwart, enterprising and peaceful"

The phoenix is a bird in people's mind and also a symbol of peace in the world. The ancients believed that in times of peace and prosperity, a phoenix would fly there. The oracle bone inscriptions of the wind are the same as the oracle bone inscriptions of the phoenix, which means the omnipresence and spiritual power of the wind; the phoenix is the imperial character, meaning the highest. So, a phoenix tattoo on your body means it too.

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  1. The phoenix tattoo design is a symbol of love

Phoenix brings happiness and auspiciousness to people and surely includes love. Therefore, the phoenix has the meaning of symbolizing love. Later it was used by people to congratulate a happy marriage, as a metaphor for harmony between husband and wife. In the Tang Dynasty, the bronze mirror had the "Picture of a Beautiful Phoenix with Concentric Knot", that is, the concentric knot on the phoenix mouth symbolizes happy love, to show that the couple loves each other with one heart. It can be seen that in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, concentric knots have been more commonly used to symbolize the love between husband and wife. In the Northern Song Dynasty, it was also popular to give phoenix hairpin to make love, and phoenix hairpin was a kind of jewelry for women. When men and women get engaged, the women often give phoenix hairpins to the man to show that they are right. "In the Ming Dynasty, when men and women get married, the dresses worn by the women were also equipped with phoenix crowns, which were decorated with phoenixes and jewels. In modern times, people still wear them. The phoenix is a symbol of love, the wedding point is phoenix and dragon candles, and the phoenix-shaped pattern is cut out. So a phoenix tattoo would truly bring you the lucky of love.

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  1. The phoenix tattoo design has the symbolic meaning of "harmony"

In Chinese culture, the phoenix not only expresses the "harmony" of natural objects, but also the "harmony" of human society. The "Five Colors of the Phoenix" was later regarded as the symbol of the five ethics of "morality, righteousness, etiquette, benevolence, and faith" for harmony and stability in ancient society." Secondly, the phoenix represented harmony and beauty in folk since ancient times. The loyalty of love. Also, the phoenix serves as a spiritual and material carrier of the concept of harmony. From a development point of view, it is also a diversified product, based on the combination of witchcraft and birds totems, integrating totems worshiped by various eras and different tribes. Second, it is a "two in one" unity of opposites. At the same time, it can be said that the harmonious concept of Phoenix culture covers all aspects of social and material life of life. The use of the phoenix image characteristic of "he" is often used in idioms about the phoenix. So the phoenix tattoo design means harmony.

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  1. The phoenix tattoo design is a symbol of "power"

In the past, the phoenix pattern appeared on jade and bronze wares, which symbolized power, and gradually became the ornamentation for the royal family. It appeared in various palace buildings and used utensils and was maintained in the form of etiquette and law. So the phoenix tattoo design means power too.

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  1. Phoenix is the spiritual totem of the Chinese nation

Like the dragon, the phoenix is also an integral part of the ancient Chinese traditional culture. With the progress of society, the symbolic meaning of the phoenix has also changed accordingly. People no longer regard the phoenix as a symbol of autocratic imperial power but as a symbol of national culture. In China's primitive painted pottery culture about 6,000 to 7,000 years ago, there was the prototype of the phoenix image. Phoenix patterns also appeared on bronzes of the Shang Dynasty more than 3500 years ago. As a result, many artistic treasures with a phoenix as the theme have been created in the decorative arts of successive dynasties in China. These artistic works with phoenix patterns as the theme are representative of traditional art and reflect the aesthetic taste of the Chinese nation. From the perspective of dragon and phoenix art, the artistic image of phoenix gives people great spiritual power. Like the dragon, it is a symbol of the Chinese nation. In other words, the Chinese nation is also the descendant of the phoenix. So, the spirit in the phoenix tattoo design we should know. 

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The Legend Of The Phoenix

There is a legend about the Phoenix: Rebirth from the ashes. According to legend, five hundred years ago, there was a kind of sacred bird that set incense wood to burn itself and then resurrected from the dead ashes. It was very beautiful and no longer dead. This legend symbolizes the people which own a phoenix tattoo design will behold a will about unbreakable.

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Phoenix Tattoo Design is a good idea for tattoo design. The tattoo depicting the mythical bird phoenix is an indescribable beautiful body painting, and its theme will suit both women and men. Since ancient times, the image of beautiful birds has been exciting. Today, phoenix tattoos have become part of world culture.
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