Best Queen of Hearts Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women


Introduction of Queen of Hearts Tattoo Designs

The queen of hearts card almost always indicates the time of love, as well as a loving mother, a love of luxury, laziness, or the birth of a child. In Venus, it is a card of marriage, love, contentment with home. In Mercury, there is a sudden marriage that can be short-lived or unstable. In Saturn - Karmic marriage is marked by burden and responsibility. People (spouses) can vary greatly in age in one direction or another. Neptune has a romantic and dreamy connection. In a word, one must always think very well about what this or that card can mean in different periods before getting a queen of hearts tattoo design.

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Under the double influence of Neptune, the queen of hearts tattoo design fully possesses the idealism of this planet. All people with this Birth Card are endowed with charm and magnetism that attract other people. Queen of hearts are mothers for all mankind, they share this love with everyone they meet on their path in life. They either get married and devote themselves to their family, or they devote all their energy to a professional career. They, regardless of gender, have a very high potential for achieving success in many areas, but most often luck smiles at them in purely "male" professions. It is associated with the king of spades as the Map of Mars - a very powerful card that brings many queen of hearts tattoo designs in life.

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All queen of hearts tattoo designs of both genders take their role as parents very responsibly. They usually have a close spiritual bond with their children. They are very similar to the king of hearts, who usually devote themselves more to their children than to their spouses.

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People born under the influence of the queen of hearts tattoo designs are usually very attractive, sociable, and friendly. They have creative abilities, so they can become outstanding artists or performing musicians, artists. In any case, they value art and beauty highly. Many queen of hearts tattoo designs have psychic abilities, and realizing this, sometimes they even become professional mediums or psychics. As long as they are guided by the truth in their ideals, the queen of hearts can live in peace, raising children and generously sharing love with people, which is their right according to the Birth Card. The queen of hearts tattoo design is a loving mother's image. Her vocation in life is to share her love with others.

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Dragon and Eyeballs

Skeleton With Octopus Tentacles

Aquanaut and Dinosaur Skeleton


If the queen of hearts lives at a low level, then she can overly indulge her base interests, becoming lazy and frivolous. This card of sense gratification. In this case, she becomes an Energy Vampire for all Matrix cards! Also, among the queen of hearts tattoo designs, there are often many dependents, escapists and alcoholics. Only if they decide to overcome laziness and complacency, and turn to their lofty ideals, they can climb the career ladder high enough and achieve brilliant success.

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Main Value of Queen of Hearts Tattoo Designs

The queen of hearts tattoo designs acts as a victim of love. People who have this influence or who are this card show themselves to be very caring, and also have attitudes towards service in the area of love and in relationships with people. Due to their position in the Square of Life, a person with this card can have a very strong spiritual influence or even open channels to supernatural abilities. Many people will get a queen of hearts tattoo design in terms of this. In a negative sense, addiction to drugs or alcohol can be present, as well as escapism in some form. High power in the realm of love is the gift of this card. Due to the influence of ministry, this card is also known as one of the marriage cards.

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The Queen of Hearts Tattoo Design and The world of Crime

Basically, such tattoos are common in the criminal world, emphasizing belonging to the criminal hierarchy. Seeing a queen of hearts tattoo design of a certain suit on the body, you can determine what position a person occupies:

- peak means a thief in law;

- cross - an authoritative thief;

- worm - the distinguishing mark of the omitted;

- the tambourine distinguishes scammers and fools, those who have lost their authority due to snitching.

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Queen of Hearts Tattoo Design and Success in Love and Card Games

But at the same time, the image of a woman who belongs to any card suit can mean a passion that is passionately loved but also hated at the same time, without defining which feelings most possess the unfortunate lover.

If there is a desire to make a drawing of a queen of hearts tattoo design with a lady of worms, you need to be very careful about such a decision, since there is usually an opinion that homosexuals are trying so hard to distinguish themselves, and in this case, it is most often applied to the back.

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But there is another opinion. Since tattoos can influence fate, acting as a talisman and programming behavior, most often a person becomes dependent on the chosen the queen of hearts tattoo design. After all, it has a magical meaning.

Cards at all times were considered mysterious, belonging to witchcraft, and therefore their magical power attracts many who believe in the power of predictions. People who recognize the power of cards love risks and unexpected turns of fate. People with queen of hearts tattoo designs are not afraid of the future, they are eagerly awaiting what combination life will throw at them in order to find themselves in a cycle of interesting events.

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For those who often gamble, they believe, and should not be in vain, that the queen of hearts tattoo design on the body will definitely bewitch the necessary cards. Choosing such a pattern that repeats card suits, the player believes that such a queen of hearts tattoo design will bring him permanent success and good luck in the card game.

The queen of hearts tattoo designs has another important purpose as the highest in the card category. She helps to succeed in love. Moreover, the subject of passion will always reciprocate. Some men use such tattoo opportunities, having fallen in love with more than one woman.

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A queen of hearts tattoo design gives its owner sensuality and emotionality, the ability to control the situation and extinguish conflicts in time. In addition, the queen of hearts tattoo design will help the manifestation of creativity, which in the future should bring profit.

This card always means a woman, that is, as it has long been recognized, this is the mother of love, who gives tenderness, kindness, endless love to everyone around, bringing them calmness, self-confidence and peace. By the way, these qualities sharply distinguish the queen of hearts from the spade, in whose power there are destruction and discord.

But the queen of hearts tattoo designs have much stronger forces of good, because the tattoo has strong energy, protecting it from external negative influences.

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