Best Scarab Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

What does a scarab tattoo mean? Are you thinking of getting a scarab tattoo? Want to see some scarab tattoo designs? Keep on reading and I will show you some top scarab tattoo designs on Instagram and the meaning of the scarab tattoos in the following parts:

  • The Introduction of Scarab Tattoo Designs
  • Meaning of Scarab Tattoos
  • The Meaning of Scarab Tattoo for Girls
  • The Meaning of Scarab Tattoo for Men
 scarab tattoo design on the forearm

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The Introduction of Scarab Tattoo Designs

The scarab tattoo has become popular for a long time. The unremarkable dung beetle was equated with a divine being and was revered in Egypt. The image with it was used to decorate tombs, temples, sarcophagi.

The Egyptians believed in the special mystical qualities of this insect. The appearance of the beetle is quite interesting, most often it is depicted holding some kind of ball in its paws. What this ball is and what a scarab tattoo design means in general, we will find out further.

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Meaning of Scarab Tattoos

The scarab appeared in Ancient Egypt. Even then, it became an unusual living creature for the Egyptians, since it was born in the sands of the desert, while the rest of the animals appeared from the waters of the Nile. Later it was noticed that this beetle, laying eggs, creates perfectly round balls. Then it rolls these balls in only one direction - from east to west. That’s why scarab tattoos sometimes mean persistence.

 scarab tattoo on the arm

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In Egypt, the most revered god was Khepri, the sun god. It was believed that it was this god that rolled the sun from east to west, turning day into night. Like this god, the scarab rolls its ball. That is why this beetle in Egypt is considered a sacred insect, endowed with divine power and wisdom. And even the Egyptians depicted the sun god with the head of this insect. Therefore, you can see many Egyptians with scarab tattoo designs.

 scarab tattoo

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The Egyptians were convinced that they would have a more interesting afterlife at the end of their lives. And the transition to it was a sacred and mysterious ritual. Believing in immortality, the Egyptians decorated the burial sites with images of a scarab holding a ball in its paws, which symbolized the sun. And the sun for the ancient Egyptians is a source of life and energy. This scarab tattoo was a symbol of immortality and the rebirth of life.

Since ancient times, this beetle has personified material well-being and success. Therefore, a scarab tattoo design is suitable for people who want to improve their financial situation and achieve career growth. It is believed that a scarab figurine located on the sunny side of the house will bring luck and good fortune.

 scarab tattoo on the forearm

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Lace Tattoo Design Ideas for Girls and Women

Since he is a purposeful insect, the scarab tattoo symbolizes determination and determination. The owner of such a scarab tattoo is a self-confident and strong-willed person. Also, a tattoo with a scarab is applied as a symbol of good health and long life.

Since the scarab holds the sun in its paws, a scarab tattoo means that a person has direct access to life energy. The tattoo is suitable for very busy people who do not have enough energy and time to do all the things.

When a bug rolls its ball, nothing can interfere with it, therefore a scarab tattoo indicates that its owner is a persistent person and nothing will interfere with his goal. But this does not mean that a person is ready to go over their heads. In pursuit of his goal, he is in excellent contact with the outside world, while not interfering with others and not allowing himself to interfere.

 scarab tattoo

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A scarab tattoo is suitable for a person who respects the personal space of other people and will not violate boundaries.

The image of a scarab can be used as a talisman. A scarab tattoo is perfect for protecting against the envy of other people, the evil eye and damage. He is a kind of talisman that helps to avoid difficult situations. Thanks to this pattern, you can find luck in business and good luck. If you are using a scarab tattoo design as a talisman, it should be applied to areas of the body that are not visible to other people.

The scarab tattoo symbolizes:

  • vital energy;
  • purposefulness;
  • determination;
  • strength;
  • immortality;
 scarab tattoo on the calf

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-In Place of Detention

A scarab tattoo in criminal circles has a completely different meaning, it means that the owner of the image is a thief. The beetle, as a symbol of thieves' luck, is deciphered in the "Zone" as "I wish you good luck in theft."

However, the attraction of thieves' luck is not the only meaning. In some circles, the meaning of the scarab tattoo is interpreted as: "from rags to riches. "

scarab tattoo on the forearm

Scarab tattoo design of @tattoodemonco via Instagram

The Meaning of Scarab Tattoo for Girls

The scarab for women symbolizes beauty and perfection. Girls with a scarab tattoo have a special magnetism for men. The owners of such a tattoo are determined and self-confident personalities. These girls value order and discipline.

The scarab is a hardworking creature, therefore, in the family of such women, everyone should be busy with business. Girls often use a scarab tattoo with a beetle pattern as a talisman against diseases, family quarrels and troubles.

 scarab tattoo on the thigh

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Scarab tattoos for girls play the role of a protective talisman. He protects them from troubles and misfortunes, protects them from envious people and all kinds of negativity.

The scarab tattoo design means the desire to achieve high goals, to become an ideal, the embodiment of perfection. He grants girls beauty, special charm and inner magnetism.

The scarab is associated with secrets and riddles that cannot be understood by an ordinary person. A scarab tattoo depicted on a girl's right shoulder will help to achieve a high level of well-being. The beetle decorating the left shoulder will help to refrain from unnecessary spending.

 unique scarab tattoo on the arm

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By and large, the meaning of the symbol is the same for both sexes. It has a positive effect on sexual attractiveness, and promotes conception.

A scarab tattoo for women symbolizes:

  • beauty;
  • charm;
  • purposefulness;
  • hard work;
  • female strength;
  • self-confidence.
 scarab tattoo on the belly

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The Meaning of Scarab Tattoo for Men

Since the scarab is steadily pursuing its goal, for men a scarab tattoo symbolizes perseverance and achievement of goals. If the beetle is depicted with the sun, such a tattoo informs that a man is used to winning in everything and being a leader.

A scarab tattoo design reflects eternal youth, men can apply such a tattoo to maintain men's health. The talisman with its symbolic image for a man will help to achieve career growth and position in society.

 scarab tattoo on the upper back

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A scarab tattoo for men symbolizes:

  • strength;
  • will;
  • persistence;
  • purposefulness;
  • man's health;

Tattoo suits confident and determined young people. Such a scarab tattoo contributes to the development of the strengths of the male character.

 scarab tattoo on the forearm

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