Special Skull Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

You will probably be surprised by the meanings that can be hidden under the tattoos of skulls. Many people think at first glance that this frightening symbol has only one purpose: death. But skulls can mean a wide range of things, from celebrating life to warding off evil spirits.

The ancient Celts, for example, believed that the skulls were the receptacle of the soul and that they also served as a motivation for the spirit: continually creating and recycling the power of life.

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The Renaissance saw skulls as a tribute to the delicate nature of the Earth. Everyone dies because the very nature of life is temporary. It is a constant reminder that everything has an end.

At the alchemical level, skulls represent a higher degree of intelligence, awareness, foresight and insight. It is usually these characteristics that determine the border between wisdom and bestiality.

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Skulls are also a usual nautical motif, mainly for pirates. Usually any self-respecting pirate movie uses this motif. Pirates see skulls as symbols of power, strength, protection, but also rebellion and triumph. Some even collect them to send the "don't even try to mess with us" message.

The sugar skull tattoos of the Day of the Dead in Mexico are also an energetic symbol of celebration of the lives of deceased loved ones.

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Types of Skull Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

1. Tattoo Design Idea of Skull With Crossbones for Men and Women 

Do you imagine yourself as a pirate or do you want to let your inner pirate out freely? A skull crossbones tattoo might look a bit spooky at first sight but at the same time it has a pretty cool look to it. The great thing about skull tattoos is that they appeal to your creativity when it comes to accompanying them with symbols, abstract designs or putting them in color for a personal touch. Your skull tattoos define your personality, which is why their design and location are up to you and define who you are.

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2. Skull Sleeve Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

Skull tattoos can easily be incorporated into your sleeve tattoo design. The most talented artists can create beautiful designs that completely cover an arm or a leg. A sleeve tattoo design with a skull theme, whether it covers an entire arm or its lines vent across the chest or other parts of the body, will be unique in every way. For example, a devilish-looking skull may contain an eyeball in its left socket. But can also add other elements in your sleeve skull tattoo, to create an epic theme. A sleeve skull tattoo can take a very long time to complete. This will be a permanent change in your appearance that can only be removed surgically or with laser treatment.

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3. Sugar Skull Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

They are also known as Mexican skull tattoos or candy skull tattoos. As we pointed out earlier, the Day of the Dead is a celebration that exists in some Spanish speaking countries and more particularly in Mexico. Skulls are a central element of this holiday. Families come to the cemetery to commemorate the departure of their loved ones. The holiday has many other traditions such as handcrafted skulls made from sugar and intended to be eaten by participants, mainly children. In honor of this day, many women choose to have sugar skull tattoo designs poked, which they can embellish with beautiful colorful details that give them a unique touch.

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Meaning of Skull Tattoos for Men and Women

Skull tattoos have many meanings, all of which depend on how the skull is depicted. For example, many people associate the human skull with death, but this design can, in fact, result in a stunning tattoo. Some people who have chosen these tattoos will continue to do so to show that they have absolutely no fear of death. A skull tattoo design can also mean that the wearer has accepted their own mortality. Another meaning of this tattoo is to constantly remind us that everyone has to go, one day or another, and that we have to live each day as if it is the last.

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Ideal Location for Skull Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

When choosing a tattoo location, you need to consider other factors besides the type of skull tattoo you want to get. Think, for example, of the places on your body where you can place them without compromising your career and the physical characteristics that you can highlight thanks to it.

A skull tattoo can be placed on different parts of the human body. Men generally prefer the upper arm, but there are many other places you can go, like the thighs, back and chest. Some people get their skull tattoos on the lower back of the neck.

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Due to the nature of this particular design, you can place it as you like on any part of the body, without losing its amazing look. You can, for example, choose to put it between your two shoulder blades, across the width of your back or in the middle of it.

Shoulder tattoos look great on everyone, so why not put your skull tattoo on them? The great thing about shoulders is that you can control what you show of them.

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Estimated Production Costs and Prices for Skull Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

It is really difficult to answer questions regarding tattoo prices. Even when tattoo artists know exactly what you want as a skull tattoo, it may not be possible for them to set a precise price until the skull tattoo is completely finished.

One of the most important factors in determining the price of your next tattoo is the talent of the tattoo artist. If you walk into a good tattoo studio and ask a professional artist what their rates are, don't be surprised if they advertise a rate of $180 per hour.

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Many tattoo artists prefer to calculate the final price of the artwork based on the number of labor hours required to complete the tattoo. Generally, the minimum price corresponds to one hour of work. So if you walk into a tattoo studio thinking your skull tattoo will only take ten minutes, still expect to pay a standard price for an entire hour of labor.