Coolest Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

Many cultures around the world have used tattoos as a means of expression. In some cultures, sleeve tattoos are part of rites of passage or are used for artistic or aesthetic purposes; to mark a warrior; to identify members of a tribe or gang and so on. But it is also very clear that, in the various world cultures, tattoos have almost always been a sign of both belonging and marginality. There are so many types of sleeve tattoo sticker in inktells’ store, come and have a look:

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Recently, tattoos have become more and more popular. There is no longer any part of the human body that has not been decorated by a tattoo. This art form has been placed on almost every minor and major area of human skin. A lot of men like sleeve tattoos because they look pretty impressive, especially if you use a good design and good color combinations. It is also prudent, and sometimes appropriate, to choose a good sleeve tattoo for men rather than having tattoos in other places on your body.

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Meaning of Sleeve Tattoos for Men and Women

A sleeve tattoo is the product of the collaboration between a tattoo artist and a client, with the idea of showing a theme that both appreciate and on which they have agreed. Occasionally, the sleeve is seen when someone has a lot of small individual designs on their arms or legs. This person decides to connect them with each other with a background pattern, in order to create a full sleeve tattoo. This type of work can take many hours of nonstop tattooing and take days, months or even years to be completed.These works have become so popular that some clothing brands have created clothes that mimic the look and feel of a sleeve tattoo, with a transparent mesh that designs are printed on.

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Types of Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

1. Floral Sleeve Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

Sleeve tattoos with flowers are very popular and in many different sizes, types and shades. These options make your tattoo much more beautiful and attractive. If you find your tattoos too simple, you can add some beautiful flowers to make them more attractive. The flower is a real gift from the universe. It is a pleasure for the eyes. This is probably the reason why men usually give flowers when pursuing a woman or when someone is sick to show how much they love her or best wishes to him/her. The beauty of the flower makes us feel peaceful. It is also one of the most popular symbols of femininity and elegance to get a sleeve tattoo.

floral flower plant sleeve tattoo for men and women

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floral flower sleeve tattoo for women girls

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2. Japanese Sleeve Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

Japanese sleeve tattoos have long been regarded as a symbol of both spiritual and social status. However, after World War II, the Emperor of Japan outlawed them for the sake of improving the country's appearance. And, as with anything that was prohibited, people started to crave what they couldn't have. This is what happened in the case of the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia. The Yakuza were the only ones to adopt the traditional art of tattooing, as well as foreigners. The Japanese style of so-called sleeve works is distinguished by its magnificent floral design, its deep meaning and its colors.

Japanese prajna sleeve tattoo for men and women

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Japanese prajna geisha sleeve tattoo for men and women

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3. Blackout Sleeve Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

A blackout-type sleeve tattoo is made by an artist, either to cover an old, unwanted design, or to display highly visible text on this prominent area of the body. The entire arm is tattooed in black, or you can also add white to create a delicate design that will be part of the tattoo rendering. If the arm is not already covered, a negative space can be left to create a unique design. Blackout sleeves are not done in daylight. Many sessions must be scheduled to complete this long process and you will have to endure the pain both of the tattooing process and of the subsequent healing of the wounds left by the needles.

blackout flower sleeve tattoo for men and women

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4. Tribal Sleeve Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

When it comes to rough and masculine styling, it is the tribal sleeve tattoo that we are going to talk about. The interwoven designs are connected to ancient ancestral rites involving sacrifices that existed even before tattoos were accepted by society. Many historians are certain that tribal sleeve tattoos were the first form of body art ever created. Many aboriginal and tribal groups have glorified the use of tribal tattoos to symbolize a man's maturity. These designs have often been associated with coming of age. This type of symbolism is still used nowadays.

tribal sleeve tattoo for men and women

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5. Titan Sleeve Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

The titan sleeve tattoo is a full sleeve tattoo that is really intricate compared to other types of sleeve tattoos. It starts on the shoulder and goes all the way to the wrist. The arm is a wonderful backdrop for a tattoo artist and a great choice for someone who enjoys body art.

Titan sleeve tattoo for men and women

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Sleeve Tattoo Aftercare Tips for Men and Women

Always pay attention to what the tattoo artist tells you and do exactly what they tell you. If it is a professional, he will know exactly what type of product and what skincare technique will work with his works. Remember that if you change the care for any reason, the artist will not be required to touch up your sleeve tattoo for free. Once you leave the tattoo shop, taking care of your tattoo will be all up to you.

Do not repackage your tattoo unless advised by the artist. It is very important to maintain the cleanliness of your sleeve tattoo once the protection has been removed. Remember that your new tattoo is like an open wound. Many tattoo artists advise washing the tattoo lightly, but thoroughly, with clean hands and antibacterial soap. Let it air dry or apply a few light pressure with a soft, clean paper towel. Everything you use to touch the area should be clean. It is quite usual for a new tattoo to be inflamed, red, and sensitive.

Anyway, sleeve tattoos are not that easy to stay as what they look like at first, and they are hard to cover up. Maybe you could try some inktells tattoo stickers that are realistic and well-designed.

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Why Get a Sleeve Tattoo?

Sleeve tattoos look good on male arms as they tend to catch the eye of almost everyone. Lots of beautifully illustrated sleeve designs for men make them look rougher and more masculine, while producing an eye-catching effect, especially for women. You can sport your cuff at a lot of informal events, wearing a sleeveless jacket or shirt. These tattoos always catch the eye of all types of people, from artistic souls to admirers to the jealous. Remember to constantly heal your shape to maintain the toned appearance of the muscles in your legs or arms, and your sleeve tattoo will look even better with the passage of time.

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