14 Best Spider-Man Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020


Introduction of Spider-Man Tattoos for Men and Women

Marvel characters never go out of fashion. Years go by and our hero continues to save the world from villains. Spider-Man is a hero who has inspired a lot of people. If it inspires you too, you can show it with a tattoo that will represent the most famous spider hero in film and television. This theme might make you look a bit childish, but there are also adult fanatics of Marvel heroes.

Comic and cartoon characters are some of the most requested themes by tattoo fanatics. And this, even for famous personalities like Neymar, who had a Spider-Man tattoo on his back to celebrate his celibacy.

 spider-men tattoo

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Meaning and Symbolism of These Spider-Man Tattoos

Spider-Man is one of Marvel's most famous heroes. There are fans of all ages of the moving comic which tells the story of Peter Parker, a photographer bitten by a spider. This bite gives him his powers and allows him to transform into a spider man to defend the city and his beloved Mary Jane.

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If you are a fan of Spider-Man but are no longer a child, that means you have a hero inside you. You are both imaginative and daring.

On the other hand, if you have chosen to have the Black Spider-Man, the Green Dwarf or the Doctor Octopus tattoo, it means that you like to break the rules and that what one says does not matter to you.

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How to Personalize Spider-Man Tattoo Designs?

You don't have to be limited to a simple image of Spider-Man. There are many designs of this hero to choose from.

If you want something simple, choose a spider web tattoo. This design can be placed on a part of the body that is not too large, such as the arm, hand or foot.

 spider web tattoo

Spider-man tattoo design of @rhihusty via Instagram

Spider-Man is not a drawing reserved for men. If you are a girl, getting a Spider-Man and Mary Jane tattoo can be a good idea.

Another simple but awesome option is to have a spider web tattoo yourself with the Comic logo.

If you have chosen something more complex, like a replica of Spider-Man or the villains of the Comic book, you will have to resort to a very skilled tattoo artist: you certainly don't want your composition to look like a small child's drawing. It is best to use color so that the work stands out and has a more realistic rendering.

This Spider-Man tattoo will be perfect with shadow and depth effects. Thus, it will really feel like Spider-Man is saving the city.

 spider-men tattoo

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Different Types Spider-Man Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

1.Colored Spider-Man Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

This kind of Spider-Man tattoos are comparatively magnificent and can be designed into many creative pictures.

 spider-men tattoo

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2.Fine Line Spider-Man Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

If you happen to be a person who likes fine line or simple ones, this Spider-Man tattoo is perfect for you.

 spider-man tattoo

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3.Spider-Man Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: Partial Image of It

This Spider-Man tattoo looks more mysterious and it is suitable for you to stick on your forearm or chest.

 spider-man tattoo

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About Spider-Man Tattoo: Background

When Spider-Man's father Stan Lee created this character, he broke the convention of naming young characters with the suffix "Boy" at the time, and gave Spider-Man the name unprecedented. From this name, we can see the reformation that Spider-Man has been given. Stan decided to portray Spider-Man as an imperfect character, but no less than any superhero.

This underage boy will be an independent hero, not an assistant to other adult heroes. Without any experience and skills taught by a hero mentor, he will grow up on his own.

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About Spider-Man Tattoo: Character Interpretation

This is the first time that American comics feature teenagers as the main characters. In previous comics, they generally acted as assistants to superheroes. This was a breakthrough at the time, and it made it easy for young readers to resonate.

As a teenager, Peter not only faces the responsibilities that superheroes should shoulder, but also has to deal with some of the troubles he will encounter during adolescence.

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About Spider-Man Tattoo: Spider-Man in Other Works

At the same time, in a series of comics, Spider-Man is also growing up, from a shy high school student to a distressed but outgoing college student, then married and had children, and became a teacher of his high school, and became an avenger. A member of the alliance.

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About Spider-Man Tattoo: Superpower

Peter Parker used his talented mind to equip himself with a weapon: the spider silk launcher. Not only can be used as an offensive weapon, but also can be attached to most objects, high temperature resistance, excellent toughness. Parker, wearing a red tights, also has vision and hearing that surpasses ordinary people, can predict danger, and has stronger muscles, at least 15 tons of power. Like a spider, he can cling to various objects. The invented spider web launcher can launch spider silk. At the same time, it also has a "spider sensor" to avoid enemy attacks.

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About Spider-Man Tattoo: Big Event

"End of the Earth" is the last major event in the Amazing Spider-Man comics. It is also a turning point in the identity of Spider-Man. Doctor Octopus, and Otto Octavius, swore to destroy the earth within 48 hours. After Peter stopped Dr. Octopus again, Dr. Octopus took advantage of Peter's attention and attacked Peter and exchanged memories, causing Peter's "soul" to be imprisoned in Dr. Octopus's body that was about to die.

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About Spider-Man Tattoo: Travel to the Future

"SPIDER-VERSE" is a branch story in the "Ultimate Spider-Man" series. Because of an accident, the ultimate Spider-Man who exchanged the "soul" of Dr. Octopus traveled to the future: 2099. In order to return to the original timeline, Otto grabbed a lot of future technologies in the future to achieve the effect of traveling through time. But unfortunately, he crossed into another parallel universe and discovered a big conspiracy. For details, you can check out the "SPIDER-VERSE".

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