Personalized Spine Tattoo Design Ideas for Girls/Women

Wearing tattoos has become a very common practice nowadays, both among men and women. In fact, tattoos are not only used to print hidden messages, they are also part of today's fashion standards. Men and women are more and more daring when it comes to choosing the best location for their tattoos. The most common tendency for both genders is to stick tattoos on easily recognizable parts of the body.

Unlike in the past, today's society generally accepts people who wear tattoos. This is the reason why many people are no longer afraid to display their magnificent bodily works.

floral spine tattoo

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The most common tattoos currently visible in both men and women are often put on the shoulder blades, forearms, neck and/or spine bone.

Tattoos drawn along the spine are considered hot these days. Most of the time, they are used to highlight the sexy backs of those who wear them.

Types of Spine Tattoo Design Ideas for Girls/Women

The spine bone tattoos are truly stunning. The back is one of the sexiest parts of the human body. When you show a masterpiece along your spine, it automatically gives you a cooler and sexier touch. It's a perfect choice for those who want to show off the sexy side of their back.

snake spine tattoo

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Here are some beautifully crafted spine tattoos to inspire you:

1. Symmetrical Spine Tattoo Design Idea for Girls/Women

Here is another type of spine tattoo that is just as gorgeous among all the ones you can get done today. You can never go wrong if you print symmetrical designs on your body as these express great balance. This type of drawing is visually pleasing. Shapes, symbols and lines create a harmonious masterpiece. In life, you also need balance in everything you do. If you are working, you need to find time to distract yourself. This way your life will be better and happier. If you only focus your attention on one thing, you probably won't be able to fully enjoy what life has to offer. You may lose a lot of opportunities and regret it later.

lotus spine tattoo
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2. Butterfly Spine Tattoo Design Idea for Girls/Women

Butterfly spine tattoos are always beautiful and mystical. Butterflies symbolize growth and development. When you went to school, your science teacher must have told you about the stages of butterfly development. Butterflies come first from an egg. They grow up and change into caterpillars. The caterpillars develop and become pupae. This is the resting stage of the caterpillars. These stop growing and turn into a chrysalis. When the chrysalis opens, finally, a beautiful colorful butterfly comes out. The development of the butterfly can be associated with human growth. As you go through different stages in your life, you have experiences that change you as a person.

flower and butterfly spine tattoo
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3. Moon Cycles Spine Tattoo Design Idea for Girls/Women

This is one of the simplest, but also the most symbolic spine tattoos you can get today. The moon, as you all know, goes through several stages comparable to the life cycle of a human being. This cycle is generally about life and death. The simple design of these periods holds many meanings. The moon passes through eight different phases, each of which spans several symbolic meanings. For example, the New Moon often symbolizes a new beginning, a birth. In this drawing, the different phases of the moon cycle have been aligned along the column.

moon cycle spine tattoo
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Meaning of Spine Tattoo Designs for Girls/Women

Spine tattoos have different meanings depending on the design reproduced. Although the artist may have their own interpretation of the tattoo design, it is usually the person wearing it who knows the true meaning of the tattoo to them. No matter the spine tattoo design, it is important to know the true meaning behind each symbol to be able to fully appreciate the work.

Japanese text word spine tattoo 貴方の暴力の中に平和を見つけた

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One of the most notable designs used for spine tattoos is the Cycle of the Moon. The New Moon is the first phase of the Moon Cycle. This phase represents a new beginning. Each person should have the opportunity to have a new beginning. You have to go through some big changes in your life to become a better person. The Waning Moon represents the next phase of the Moon Cycle. This moon symbolizes hopes and wishes. As a human being, it is natural that you dream and have many wishes. You are free to dream of whatever your heart desires. There are no limits to what you can dream of. All you have to do is take the necessary actions to make these dreams and wishes come true.

moon cycle spine tattoo

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Spine tattoos also represent the delicacy of a person. This is the reason why this type of tattoo is more common in women than in men. The spine is one of the most fragile parts of the human body. If you get one of these tattoos done, it's kind of a way of showing the world that you can do a lot of things, no matter how fragile and delicate you are.

music note spine tattoo
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Great Parts of the Different Types of Spine Tattoos for Girls/Women

Of course, the spine tattoos are located along the spine. The problem, however, is deciding exactly where to put the tattoo: at the top of the spine, in the middle of the back, or on the lower part of the spine. There are many designs that look great on each of these sections. For example, a dragonfly design placed on the upper section of the spine. The wings of the can open over the shoulder blades as its body extends to the middle of the spine.

Flower spine tattoo designs can look spectacular on the lower back, especially if you include their roots in the design. The tattoo should start a little above the buttocks and should end a little below the middle of the spine. This area is ideal for women who like to wear halter tops.

leaf spine tattoo
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Before You Go to a Tattoo Studio

The spine is a delicate part of your anatomy, because it is responsible for a large number of bodily functions. It is also one of the most sensitive places on the body, which is why you should definitely expect the tattooing process to be painful. If you want to be sure that your session is successful, make sure beforehand that you can handle the pain that comes with this type of tattoo. If you are not really sure you can do this, you should think about it a bit longer to see if you really want to give it a go. On the other hand, you can also use some inktells’ tattoo stickers for a period of time  and think for twice before you get a permanent one.

sunflower spine tattoo
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