The themes in tattoos for women are evolving a lot, almost no one asks for tattoos that previously swept the studios, for example, tattoos of mother's love phrases, tattoos of the name of your boyfriend, Borneo-style tribal tattoos with incorporated flower, tattoos skulls, tattoos of sexy fairies and things like that, beware that for me these tattoos have as much level as any other, as long as it is executed with good taste and talent by the tattoo artist, what specifically here is the popularity of a subject not its quality, this list should not prevent you from deciding for yourself what you want to tattoo, it is your choice and what is not in fashion today will be tomorrow, fashions return like everything in life.

Nowadays women demand tattoos that reflect not only their tastes but also that represent something that is inside them and that they want to express to the world. Think of a well-done tattoo that many people see in your skin, and they start to ask you and to be interested, and in the end, they go to the studio in their neighborhood and ask for something like what they saw in you. So being original is the key. Women are in many ways riskier than men, they are capable of taking paths that men are not, for this reason in recent years women have burst with tattoo designs and new themes, they have revolutionized the tattoo scene with no doubt.

flower spine tattoo

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bow tattoo

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heart tattoo

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floral tattoo

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cowboy astronaut tattoo

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cherry tattoo

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candle with wings tattoo

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cartoon cat planet star tattoo

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colorful word tattoo

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heart frame word tattoo

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heart frame date of birth tattoo

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butterfly tattoo

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uniquely colored flower tattoo

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yellow flower tattoo

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cute tiny dog tattoo

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seal tattoo design

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