Top Tattoos Inspired by Movies for Men and Women in 2020

The tattoos movie are perfect for those who want to build on the seventh art to find your next design. They tend to be detailed designs with a great sentimental charge for the wearer.

In this article we will see how to get the most out of movie tattoos . Thus, our piece can become unique despite being based on something very famous.

 movie tattoo

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The design of movie tattoos

To be inspired by a good design for this type of tattoos, you have the entire history of cinema at your disposal. Of course, the movie you choose has to be something special for you. The films of our childhood (not necessarily cartoons) with very recognizable elements are especially popular.

For example, of the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland , the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz or the Auryn from The Neverending Story. Still, these items can present a problem: they are not personal enough and you may find more people wearing it.

 movie tattoo

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Your personal touch to movie tattoos

One of the tricks to give your personal touch to these types of tattoos is… find a tattoo artist with whom you get along. Customizing a tattoo is no small feat, although luckily there are many professionals up to the task.

For example, in my case I wanted a Neverending Story tattoo that reflected my love of books. In discussing it with my tattoo artist, we settled on a simple black and white design for the forearm. The ivory tower emerges from a book and behind, almost unseen, is Fújur flying. Without the help of a professional who can visualize and take advantage of our ideas, the result would have been much different.

 movie tattoo

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We hope this article on movie tattoos has inspired you. Tell us, what is your favorite movie? Have you ever considered getting a tattoo of her? Tell us!


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 frame movie tattoo

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