Unique Tribal Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

Tribal tattoos remain one of the most popular choices in France. The term is however quite broad. Even though we call somebody’s design a “tribal” tattoo, it is quite possible that they do not belong to any established tribal culture. They are probably more inspired by traditional tattoos or motifs from these cultures. In this case, any design can appear and the so-called tribal tattoos quickly become terribly varied. Most of them have characteristics such as repeating elements of designs, thick lines, the use of black ink, and mythical or spiritual symbolism.

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Ideal Parts for Tribal Tattoos for Men and Women

The ideal parts for tribal tattoos can also be highly variable. Most traditional tattoos were supposed to be visible, which explains their location in parts like the face, neck, and hands. If you are looking for a modern tribal, however, you will probably find these areas unsuitable. For example, it is possible that you avoid tattooing your face because of the opinion of the company or the professional restrictions that exists on this subject. While Ta Moko facial tattoos indicated an important social status in traditional Maori tribes, today they do not mean the same thing at all in contemporary society.

tribal tattoo on shoulder for men and women

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If you want a very discreet tribal tattoo, you can consider tattooing it in parts on your body that are easy to hide or easily covered by your hair or clothing. You might consider getting a tattoo on your feet or hips, for example. Artwork poked on areas of skin usually hidden by your t-shirt or shirt are also a good option.

Remember that getting a tattoo design in an area that is easy to hide will often go hand in hand with a painful session. For example, a design on the ribs or the sides: it is possible to hide it with a top but it is also one of the most painful areas of tribal tattoos. Before deciding to get a tattoo in this area, think carefully and try to determine how much pain you are able to endure.

tribal tattoo for men and women

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tribal sleeve tattoo for men and women

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Most tribal designs and even modern tattoos are first and foremost created to be shown. That's why you may prefer to go somewhere a little more visible. If your lifestyle and professional career allow it. You can consider getting a band with patterns in this style around the leg, for example, or an elaborate tattoo on the shoulder. A very popular part for tribal bodywork is the forearm, as it is also a place often used as a backdrop for traditional tattoos of this type.

tribal sleeve tattoo for men and women

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Types of Tribal Tattoo Deisng Ideas for Men and Women

It can be difficult to talk about types within this category. As we mentioned earlier, categorization of tribal tattoos itself can be endless. So it's only natural that talking about particular types is a bit complicated as well.

However, there are some basic categories which we can determine for ease. The first difference we can consider is that between traditional tribal body works and modern ones.

tribal tattoo on arm for men and women

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1. Traditional Tribal Corporeal Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

When we talk about traditional tribal body art, we refer to tattoos that only use authentic and original tribal designs. They are quite rare as many of today's tribal body works include modern elements. Even so, traditional designs still exist today. For example, there are still tribes in Africa who use old tribal designs passed down from generation to generation. We can see the same phenomenon among some Maori in New Zealand.

tribal sleeve tattoo for men and women

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The designs of the Maori or Ta Moko people are particularly well-known examples of traditional tribal tattoos. After all, the word "tattoo" itself derives from the Maori word for their body decorations. The Ta Moko people also show us many of the functions that these body compositions can have in traditional societies. They serve to show the social status of the tattooed person and also indicate their spiritual or personal strength.

tribal face tattoo for men and women

2. Modern Tribal Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

Modern tribal tattoo designs often have a few elements of traditional designs that they transform in different ways. The result is often an original and intercultural drawing, a kind of showcase of symbols which can be very attractive.

Now even inside this category we can talk about various subcategories. We could, for example, talk about types of tribal tattoos based on the main source or the most important source of inspiration of these. We could therefore speak of Maori, Celtic or Aztec tribal tattoos, and even Wiccans.

modern tribal tattoo for men and women
modern tribal tattoo for men and women

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Meaning of Tribal Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

The meanings of tribal tattoos depend not only on the design but also on the culture to which they refer.Don’t forget that different images or symbols can represent very different things in different cultures. So if you want to know the meaning of a specific tribal design, you will have to ask the tattoo artist or whoever wears it what it really refers to.

The Maori Ta Moko tattoos, mentioned earlier, are a wonderful example of the significance of this type of body composition. These tribal tattoo designs covered a person's entire face and were made up of very intricate patterns. Of course, they were unique to each person and it also woven a web of meanings of their own.

tribal tattoo on arm for men and women

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Maori believed that dead people became translucent that light would pass through them. This made the dead impossible to identify. People who wore Ta Moko tribal tattoos, however, had a unique design incised and imprinted as their faces. Once the person died, the design etched on their face resisted the passage of light and contrasted, allowing friends and family to recognize them even after their death.

tribal tattoo with cat for men and women

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Tribal compositions can also have spiritual meanings. For example, some traditional designs were believed to serve as a ritual of protection against demons and evil forces in some cultures. Of course, this type of meaning is not at all present in modern culture. Some of the modern tribal compositions don't even have any deep meaning.  Neither to the tattoo artist nor to the owner - they are just there for simple aesthetic purposes.

tribal tattoo on the chest for men and women

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