12 Top Universe and Alien Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020


The stars, planets, sun and moon form an infinite whole which makes us feel tiny in the face of so much magnitude. Because, thanks to astronautical studies and to the few images offered to us by film or television, we know the beauty of the universe tattoo and can approach a little more the immense mysteries that it hides.

Those who have fallen in love with the universe tattoo want to show it on their skin, to represent the relationship that unites them as inhabitants of one of its elements: the Earth. Or as a symbol allowing us to know a little more about him, taking advantage of each little piece that is offered to us by studies on his immensity.

 universe full back tattoo

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What is the Meaning of Universe Tattoos?

The deepest meaning of the universe tattoos is the mystical and superstitious power that everything within it generates. It is also associated with the notion of time and space, because of the changes that occur in it, thanks to the rotation of the sun and other cosmological processes.

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Its multiple vibrant colors are much more than an aesthetic element of the universe tattoo: they are real elements. Because even if the world of body art is loaded with elements of fiction, the universe is something that does exist, even if it is not close to us.

This is what gives us another reason to choose a universe tattoo. Those who do so show the respect and admiration they feel for this immense firmament. Although it has yet revealed little about itself, what we know about it fascinates us: its colors, the elements that make it up, but also the mystery it represents.

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Different Types of Universe Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

1.Small Size of Watercolor Universe Tattoo Design Idea for Women

Looking for beautiful small size of tattoo designs on the wrist? Have a look at this blue and purple tone universe wrist tattoo. The starry sky and the little angel makes it like a bracelet for you.

 purple blue universe tattoo on the wrist

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2.Heart Frame Universe Tattoo Design Idea for Girls

Speaking of universe tattoo, you may come up with many pictures of the grand space. This kind of universe tattoo breaks through the limitation of idea and shows you a different universe.

 universe heart frame tattoo

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Ideas and Options for Universe Tattoo Designs

Thanks to the perfect imperfection of its dimensions, the universe, in the form of a tattoo, has a magnificent rendering on any part of the body, because it adapts to it. You can choose to represent stars, planets or other elements on the same universe tattoo. The back, arms and legs are perfect places for this.

Color is important: blue, purple, black, fuchsia and orange tones are the most common colors but we can choose other tones, as long as they are bright and impressive: it is the mixture of colors that gives its aesthetic touch and all its beauty in universe tattooing.

We can also choose to combine the universe with other important elements for us: the face of a loved one, an astronaut, an alien, an eye… This will allow us to show the respect we feel for these two themes but also to combine their symbolism.

 tattoo of universe in a circular frame

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Many people like to wear alien tattoos on their skin because today they are considered to be works of art. Their popularity has increased exponentially in different cultures and generations thanks, in particular, to the internet.

Alien tattoos have become more and more trendy lately, whether as a unique and fun design or in a more serious and meaningful way for those who believe in the existence of intelligent life in space.

 tattoo of alien waving in a hole

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Meaning of Alien Tattoos

When we talk about aliens, it is impossible that a clear and common image of these beings comes to mind. Fiction has given multiple representations of it over time, ranging from the lovable alien just wanting to come home to the terrifying being who wants to destroy humanity.

 alien tattoo

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These drawings can represent believing in intelligent life outside our planet. This does not necessarily mean that the alien tattooed person has had contact with one of these beings, but that they interest and intrigue him because it is about something unknown, about which the theories are constantly being developed even though there are currently no clear answers on this subject.

Tribute to cult characters. Human interest in the firmament and what it hides dates back to the year 1634. Science fiction, through books, television, cinema, series and video games, has given life to cult figures such as the giant alien from Alien. The Eighth Passenger, in 1979.

 alien tattoo

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Signs of a different personality: Alien tattoos do not only mean that those who wear them believe in the existence of unknown beings. They can also be a way of expressing the personality of someone who feels different and does not fit into the boxes of society, who does not belong to this world and does not identify with those who inhabit it.

Sentences: Although alien tattoos are often represented by means of pictures, sentences are also a common way of referring to them and to symbolize the belief that there is life in space. Some of these sentences are: “ I want to believe ”, I want to believe or “ we are not alone ”, we are not alone.

 cute cartoon alien tattoo

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Different Types of Alien Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

1.Colorful Alien Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

Since there are no clear references regarding the appearance of these beings, artists can let their imaginations run wild. The most popular colors are neon green, sometimes competed with neon blue or metallic tones.

 Tattoo of Colorful Alien with an umbrella and a cat

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2.UFO Alien Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

They are often accompanied by their spaceships, the characteristic flying saucers. We can also see funny effects depicting the abduction of a human or a cow, often in a minimalist style. Alien tattoos look awesome on the ankles, wrists, shoulders or fingers of the hand.

In terms of style, these alien tattoos can be done in color, with fine lines and without filling, in black ink, in watercolor style. The possibilities seem to be endless.

 UFO Alien Tattoo

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