Coolest Weapon Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

The meaning of gun tattoos may be more surprising than you might expect, as it doesn't have to be violent, on the contrary. Guns have many more meanings, sometimes moving away from violence and sometimes not.

 chain sickle tattoo on the chest

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Therefore, we have prepared this article in which you will find the meaning of a couple of the most common weapon tattoos : those of daggers and those of pistols. Keep reading if you are interested!

 arrow inuyasha shikon tattoo

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Weapon tattoos with the dagger as the protagonist tend to refer to the hidden dangers in others. Furthermore, the dagger has also been the classic weapon for human sacrifice.

But what really depends on the meaning of this tattoo is with what element it is combined, since the most normal thing is that it does not appear alone. Thus, daggers with skulls are related to memory and remembrance; with hearts, a love lost or betrayed; with a swallow, the desire to have a good trip ...

 dagger tattoo design

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Likewise, gun tattoos also have a bad reputation for representing supposedly negative things and, of course, depending on how you reproduce it in your piece, it can be quite intimidating.

 revolver bull dog tattoo design

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Even so, pistols have a very rich symbolism that can be easily deduced through the design that we want to reproduce on our skin. For example, a western pistol is not the same as a sawed-off or a pistol with a skull. Choose well what you want in your design and discuss it with your tattoo artist so that the result is good.

sword heart antler tattoo

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Gun tattoos are a complicated design due to the implications it has, but it can be very good and even not violent if we choose wisely. Tell us, do you have any tattoos of this style? Remember that you can tell us everything you want, just leave us a comment!


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