Best Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs for Men and Women


Introduction of Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

If you are looking for an unconventional alternative to traditional wedding rings, then you might want to consider a wedding ring tattoo design. What is a wedding ring tattoo? Simply put, this is a symbolic marking on the ring finger of the right/left hand, where the ring is traditionally worn. Of course, it's up to you to decide - some people prefer to sign with the initials of their partner, while others, instead of tattooing, tattoo significant symbols/signs. For wedding ring tattoo ideas, the following important things need to be considered.

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Do Your Research

Before you even visit a tattoo artist, you need to make sure you understand the full scope of this solution. Tattoos are fairly permanent, so it's always wise to do your research ahead of time and take the necessary precautions before getting a wedding ring tattoo design.

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Ask Yourself the Right Questions

It's important to ask yourself a few questions before getting your wedding ring tattoo designs.

Are you sure you want a wedding ring tattoo design instead of a real ring? Are you allowed to work with tattoos at work? If you are not entirely sure about any of these points, wait. You can always get the tattoo done at a later stage, but it takes a lot of work to remove it. You should also think about why you want it: in your current job, is it problematic or unsafe to wear a ring while working? Then you might want a permanent option that you don't have to worry about. Have you seen the cool social media picture you want to reproduce? Spend some time wondering if you really want a wedding ring tattoo.

There are several main reasons why couples in love happily go to tattoo studio and fill themselves with so-called "wedding ring tattoo designs":

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Sun and Moon (Semi-Permanent)

Cute Cartoon Hand-Drawings

Cartoon Animal Hand-Drawings

Tiny Stars

Tiny Floral


For some newlyweds, such tattoos are a sign of eternal and unshakable love. An engagement ring is also bought for life, but it can be removed without problems if divorced. That is, modern young people believe that by getting a wedding ring tattoo design, they seem to be giving an eternal oath of love, in which there is no place for parting, divorce, and betrayal. Many people think that a tattoo on the ring finger means much more than a wedding ring. There is another very interesting opinion: the ring, if desired, can be removed at any time, the wedding ring tattoo cannot, which means it is a conventional sign for the opposite sex, which clearly indicates the presence of a second half and a serious relationship.

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Wedding ring tattoo designs on the hands of spouses as wedding rings look very original and creative. They attract people's attention and immediately create an unusual image of the bride and groom, which is what the newlyweds want to achieve.

There are also more practical reasons. For example, some people are not supposed to wear rings at work. Most often, these are professions associated with some kind of production or sterility. That is, it turns out that the purchased wedding ring most often lies on the shelf at home. That is why some couples decide to get wedding ring tattoos. There is one more thing - some of the newlyweds may be allergic to metals. It is clear that a person with such a disease will not wear a wedding ring. And a tattoo will help out in this situation.

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Getting a wedding ring tattoo design is a unique way to celebrate the happiest event in your life, as it will constantly remind you of your wedding. A person cannot take it off or lose it, because he becomes a part of a person. Such a great decision on how to wear a wedding ring tattoo design in the form of a wedding ring instead of the traditional one also depends on its meaning:

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Meaning of Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs: Endless Love, Hope and Dream

When a married couple prefers such drawings, they try to confirm the true purpose that binds their lives forever in such a unique way.

Meaning of Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs: Devotion and Loyalty

Since the image cannot be lost or deleted, the people who have them are devoted to each other for life.

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Meaning of Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs: A Couple's Commitment to Each Other

This modern trend may also be reminiscent of newlywed responsibilities.

Meaning of Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs: Honor and Respect for the Spouse

Some couples get tattoos several years after the wedding when they begin to understand the true meaning of getting a ring. They do not perceive the ring as a pleasant attribute of their family life.

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Features of Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

Since the wedding ring tattoo is always visible as real, everyone should choose the design that suits him or her the most. Basically, such drawings are applied to the ring finger, but sometimes they are made on the middle or thumb. The most common options are:

Engraving wedding ring tattoo designs: This is an easy way to show love and dedication to a married couple. It looks simple, but it says so much about honor, respect and endless love.

Wedding ring tattoo design with other complementary elements: couples can add elements such as initials, names, dates, stars, animated images, hearts, flowers.

Ornamental wedding ring tattoo design: These tattoos contain interesting patterns like Greek key designs or vines.

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Find an Artist Who Specializes in What You Want

Whether you have tattoos or a wedding ring tattoo design will be your first, it is important to take a look at the work of the professionals you want to use. “It's always best to find an artist who specializes in what you want,” says international tattoo artist Miriam Lumpini. Always do your research, she suggests. If you like how the artist's tattoo came out, make an appointment. If you don't see what you like, keep looking. You need to be sure that they can fulfill your ideas of your wedding ring tattoo designs.

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-Remember this can be painful

Lumpini says that hands and fingers do not heal like other parts of the body, so talk to your artist about what to expect. “Areas with a lot of nerves and nerve endings tend to be more painful, especially in your fingers and hands,” she explains. Be sure that you are ready for your wedding ring tattoos.

-Consider the Long-Term Implications

You may spend the rest of your life with your partner, but later on, you may want to have the tattoo removed, especially if you don't like the look or have it removed for professional reasons. It is important to think about what will happen if this is the case. “You can end up getting laser removal and scar tissue if you don't go to a good artist,” explains Lumpini. However, if you do your research and work with a professional, you should end up with a good tattoo that will look forever over time. Just make sure to take proper care of your tattoos, she adds. Therefore, think twice before getting a wedding ring tattoo design.

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