11 Top Wheat Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

Introduction of Wheat Tattoos for Men and Women

For the ancient Greeks, wheat was the symbol of the goddess Demeter. In the Catholic Church, on the other hand, the ears of corn symbolize the body of Christ and his resurrection.

The birth of this cereal is not spontaneous and its cultivation requires great efforts. It is necessary to organize a good programming of the harvests, to select the seeds, to protect the ground from the natural elements and to pull out the weeds.

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Symbolism of Wheat Tattoos for Men and Women

The symbolism of the wheat represents eternal life, not as we imagine it, but by accepting our greatness, in a mature way. By accepting that we are just passing through this life, when our soul and spirit have eternal life and they will probably not completely disappear from the face of the earth.

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-Wheat Tattoos Meaning: Your Life Plan

Some people decide to get a wheat ear tattoo on their own or as part of a more elaborate tattoo, because they represent the life plan we have for the future, throughout our lives. They represent prosperity and growth, things we all consider when planning what we want for the future. The place where we want to work, how much money we want to earn, where we are going to live, this future whose construction makes us move and fight every day. Wheat works like an amulet that will allow us to achieve our desires, with great work of course.

-Wheat Tattoos Meaning: Wheat and Ear

Generally, wheat, symbolized by three ears, represents the bread of life. When we represent two ears, a raised and an inclined, we represent the opposition between someone arrogant and someone humble. Lifted ears are young ears which, not being loaded with seeds, can stand up more easily than those which are loaded with seeds and tend to fall.

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Flower Huge Butterfly

Monochrome Flower

Purple Lavender Flower

Sketch Flower

Elegant White Flower


-Wheat Tattoos Meaning: The Origin of Wheat

Wheat is the product of humans domesticating their wild ancestors in the Neolithic Age and has been cultivated for more than 10,000 years. In the vast areas of Central Asia, many remnants have been unearthed in the settlements of the primitive society in prehistoric times, including wild and cultivated wheat spikelets and grains, carbonized wheat grains, wheat ears and grain marks on hard mud. As early as 7000-6000 BC, wheat has been widely cultivated in Turkey, Iran, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and Israel; in Pakistan in 6000 BC, Greece and Spain in Europe between 6000 BC and 5000 BC, AD Wheat was grown in Transcaucasus and Turkmenistan in the Soviet Union between 5000 and 4000 BC, Egypt in Africa in 4000 BC, China in 3000±159 BC, and India in 3000 BC.

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-Wheat Tattoos Meaning: Timofiwe Wheat

Southwestern Iran, northwestern Iraq, and southeastern Turkey are the first places where the cultivation of a grain of wheat and Timofiwe wheat was domesticated. Northwestern Israel, southwestern Syria, and southeastern Lebanon are the distribution centers of wild emerald and the origin of cultivated emerald. The appearance of common wheat was later than that of one-grain wheat and two-grain wheat. It is generally believed that it originated in the southwest of the Caspian Sea about 8000 years ago.

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-Wheat Tattoos Meaning: Naturally Crossed Two-Grain Wheat

According to textual research, at a certain period in history, when the cultivated two-grain wheat was brought to a goatgrass distribution area in western Iran, natural hybridization occurred, and the hybrid produced common wheat after the chromosomes were naturally doubled. According to the traditional view, the evolution process of wild wheat with AA chromosome and Aegilops pseudospelt with BB chromosome naturally hybridized, resulting in wild two wheat (genome AABB); Grain wheat was domesticated into cultivated two-grain wheat, and then naturally crossed with Aegilops with DD chromosome to produce common wheat (chromosome AABBD).

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Wheat Tattoos: Morphological Characteristics of Wheat

Identify the cross section of the caryopsis: the peel and the seed coat are healed. One row of peel epidermal cells, with thicker walls, especially flat peripheral walls; several rows of cells in the middle layer of the peel, thicker walls; a row of horizontal cells, vertically staggered with the skin and middle layer cells, with pits; sometimes tube cells can be seen under the transverse cell layer . The seed coat is brownish-yellow, the cells are decadent and shrunken, and there are remnants of the nucleus inside. The cells are square-shaped, with faintly visible layered texture. The outermost layer of endosperm is the aleurone layer. And the rest are parenchyma cells rich in starch granules.

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Wheat Tattoos: Growth Environment of Wheat

-Wheat Tattoos: Solid of Growing Wheat

The soil layer is deep, the structure is good, and the cultivated layer is deep, which is conducive to water storage and fertilizer preservation, and promotes root development. Soil structure refers to the composition ratio of solid (organic and inorganic), liquid, and gas. It is closely related to soil moisture, air, temperature, and nutrients. For example, sand and heavy clay have poor structure and are difficult to form high yields.

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-Wheat Tattoos: Temperature and Sunshine

The average daily temperature of winter type varieties is 16~18℃, semi-winterness is 14~16℃, and springness is 12~14℃. The height of the temperature is affected by geographical latitude and altitude, that is, the higher the latitude and altitude, the lower the temperature and the earlier the sowing period.

Wheat long-day crops (8 to 12 hours of light per day). If the sunshine conditions are insufficient. It can't pass the light stage, and it can't head and bear fruit. The light stage of wheat is after the vernalization stage.

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Wheat Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women

Wheat tattoos look good on the arms, legs and ankles. Both men and women can wear them, represented by three, two or even a single ear, depending on the personality of the tattooed person and what they want to place on their tattoo. As for the technique used, minimalist wheat tattoos are very popular, as are those made up of simple black lines.

1.Wheat Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: Wheat With Sickle

This kind of wheat tattoo means reap and labor. People with it usually wish that they deserve what they have done. Just as the old saying goes, you reap what you sow. You can use it to remind yourself that what you are doing now is going to help you in the future.

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2.Wheat Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: A Bundle of Wheat

Wheats are beautiful and extremely important in our daily life. Wearing this kind of wheat tattoos can express your gratitude and love for grain food.

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