Great Whole Leg Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

The tattoos on the entire leg are absolutely great , provided they are well made and planned, of course. Whether it's one large piece or several small pieces combined together, this body spot stands out for a number of reasons.

If you are thinking of getting tattoos on your entire leg, then we will talk about the characteristics of this type of tattoos. Keep reading!

 animal whole leg tattoo

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Why tattoos on the whole leg?

Although tattoos on the arm seem more popular, the truth is tattoos on the entire leg are not short. The two are quite similar, since, for example, you can choose a large design or start from a combination of smaller ones .

Also, if you want to look for a plus of discretion, these types of tattoos are easier to hide either with pants or even with stockings.

 flower plant full leg tattoo

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Pop Anglerfish Tattoo Sticker

Halloween Black White Skull Ghost Glow in the Dark

Halloween Decals Skull Ghost Cat Glow in the Dark

Halloween Small Pumpkin Witch Decals Glow in the Dark

Halloween Colored Stickers Glow in the Dark

The designs that best combine

There are many designs that can match the tattoos on the entire leg. The secret is that due to the shape of this area of the body, the design can be more enveloping, which will make it look more natural and dynamic . For example, if you choose to get some flowers tattooed, the shape of your leg can make them look almost three-dimensional.

And the same for more complicated designs, in which a moving object appears. In short, it is an ideal area to achieve volume or a sensation of movement .

 red fan Chinese character leg tattoo

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The most sensitive areas of the leg

Although the legs are not characterized by being one of the most painful areas to tattoo, they are more sensitive than it seems. Thus, the areas that are considered most painful are the ankle area, where the skin is thinner and there are many nerve endings, the inside of the leg and the knee area .

We hope this article on whole leg tattoos has interested you. Tell us, do you have any tattoos of this style? Remember that you can tell us what you want in the comments!

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 snake animal whole leg tattoo

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 whole leg tattoo

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