DaDong Lu
Name Qi, no. Qiming, Yi Nest, Penglai, born in Yantai, Shandong.

Known as the 70 after the calligrapher, the 70 after this matter, can not choose their own.

Once studied in China Academy of Fine Arts, doctor of Calligraphy, tutor Professor Wang Dongling, Zhu Qingsheng.

Researcher, Modern Calligraphy Research Center, China Academy of Art.

When I was a student, I took part in some competitions and won the prize without pain or itching.

He first studied painting and now participates in contemporary art. I like art history, not sinology.

He joined the band in 1995 and is now the lead singer of "With people". He has produced two albums and is not active regularly.

Like to make friends, laughing and scolding not from people.

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