Kazuki Yamazaki

Kazuki Yamazaki, a Japanese artist born in 1980, was influenced by the popular mangas and animes in Japan just like the young people of his time. His paintings are fashionable and have a distinctive Japanese animation style.
Kazuki Yamazaki's human-like cats reflect the artist's innocent and lovely inner world. Yamazaki is the only child in the family. He played with his three cats during the day and slept together at night, so the cat became the protagonist in his paintings. Look at the eyes of "Yamazaki Cat", they stare at you innocently, and their pupils are so clear and beautiful in color.

Solo Exhibition:

2005, T-Box Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo;
2006, Civic Gallery, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture;
2007, BOZARLMYU Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo.

Group exhibition:

2007, G2 Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo;
In 2008, EARGLART Gallery, Kudan, Tokyo.

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