Hailing from Leicester, England, Luke Gray is a surrealist/symbolist illustrator and painter. Born color blind he was forced to use an almost exclusively black and white colour palette, working with patterns and textures rather than color.

After studying graphic design in London he packed his bags and flew to Russia, then hitchhiked from Moscow to Thailand painting murals as he went. After 4 years of travelling, visiting over 50 countries he settled in Southern China and built a studio from which he now works. 

Influenced by multicultural art techniques he works in traditional mediums of Graphite and Ink often combining and integrating techniques and patterns from different countries and cultures into his work. 

His meticulously detailed works resonate with images culled from the metaphysical realm of sacred states and day dream. By exploring the concept of the body-landscape through esoteric symbolism, he tries to appropriate a wide scale of subjects that work on both a micro and macro level. Throughout his work he weaves themes of mysticism, esoteric symbolism , ancient mythology and hallucinogenic visions. 

‘I believe art is a manifestation of the divine, we are merely alchemists receiving the information. Artists can see what most people only get a glimpse of’ 

When not in London or on the road, he currently lives in the village of Dali, southern China with his wife Yi and cat Mao.