The 10 Happiest Things in Life (Semi-Permanent)

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Tattoo sticker dimensions: 5.90 X 4.33 inches

Lasting days: 15 days on average

Designed by: Ace


Why choose inktells tattoos?

Inktells tattoos are designed by artists around the world. We use 100% natural safe, non-toxic ingredients.

Rich patterns2000+ works by artists

Easy to apply:  

1. Cut out the tattoo of choice, and remove the clear film.

2. Place the side with the image down and wet the tattoo thoroughly with a sponge.

3. Remove the backing after 20-30 seconds.

4. The tattoo will begin to develop in 12 hours.

5. The tattoo will be completely developed in 24-48 hours (Development time depends on the type of skin). (How to apply>>)

Non-toxic: 100% natural formula and skin-friendly

Long lasting: up to 15 days for semi-permanent designs

Waterproof:  a normal shower will not affect the effect.

Security website: SSL and Payment security certification.

Affordable temporary tattoos with no pain.

Wear them for Halloween costume, gym, party, photo sessions, club, carnival, travel, wedding, beach, concerts, dinner dress, music festivals and more.